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An illustration that defines the acronym CISO – Chief Information Security Officer

What Is a vCISO?

Many people wonder, “What is a vCISO?” A virtual chief information (security) officer, or vCISO, can be a critical piece of your cybersecurity strategy. Many organizations today realize that they need a senior leader at the cybersecurity level, but they either can’t afford to have a full-time employee on their team to fill that role, or they live in an area where they may not be able to recruit and find that talent or maintain that talent based upon where they are geographically.

What Is a vCISO?

So, a fractional portion of that, or a virtual CISO, from a managed security services provider or advisory services group, can be a great tool. What they’re going to bring to you is cybersecurity thought leadership and cybersecurity governance leadership, and they will really help you architect and drive a very strong cybersecurity program inside your organization.

Get Help Managing Your Cybersecurity Program

Now you know the answer to the question, “What is a vCISO?” You can put that information into use by hiring a virtual Chief Information Security Officer. This service allows you to take advantage of the expertise of a CISO without the added cost of a full-time employee. Get the help you need with cybersecurity, compliance, and more on a full-time or as-needed basis. Book your consultation today!