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Why Consider Desktop-as-a-Service?

What are some benefits of Desktop-as-a-Service?

One advantage is your important data is stored in the cloud, not on local machines.

So if someone breaks into an employee’s car and steals their work laptop, you’re just out the cost of the laptop. Your organization isn’t at risk for a regulatory violation or data loss, because the stolen laptop doesn’t store your sensitive data.

Another benefit is that this isn’t Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, even though you might easily confuse the two.

Virtual Desktop runs on machines you maintain at your location. The on-site hardware – servers, storage etc. – must be maintained by IT administrators, who also must ensure your data gets backed up to an offsite data center.

Desktop-as-a-Service hosts all of that in the cloud, typically for a subscription fee. You don’t have to purchase and maintain racks of hardware, or hire people to maintain that hardware, or pay ongoing licensing fees.

Experts consider cloud-hosted Desktop systems more cost  efficient, according to That site has more information about Desktop-as-a-Service