Why GSRM Law relies on ImageQuest’s IT Compliance services

IT Compliance, GSRM Law, ImageQuest

Nashville’s Gullett Sandford Robinson & Martin PLLC hired ImageQuest to provide IT Compliance services. GSRM’s Chief Operating Officer, M. Suzanne Hartness, was kind enough to explain why in this short video.

GSRM has an IT department but it “lacked the bandwidth” to make sure GSRM was fully “buttoned up” with its security measures and compliance policies. The security measures protect client information from unauthorized internet access and also from someone walking the hallways.

Law firms have a great deal of Personally Identifiable Information in their files. If they serve healthcare, insurance, mortgage & title, or financial services clients, there are regulations firms also need to meet.

Many in-house IT departments don’t have time to also insure the firm is following all compliance regulations and security measures. That’s why they outsource this work to us.

If you are concerned your IT service hasn’t had a chance to ensure you are fully compliant, give us a call, to see if we can help you!

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