Why ImageQuest recommends Mimecast in addition to M365

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Most of our customers are on Microsoft’s M365 for email and other applications. The email application, Outlook, comes with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

So why do we encourage them to add Mimecast protection?

The real answer is that Outlook provides some security protections – but not enough in today’s environment. Outlook is the number one target for hackers. Criminals and rogue-nation hackers run skillful attacks that can hide from standard surveillance.

Thus we recommend our clients use layered defenses to protect their valuable business data. Our defensive layer of choice for email is Mimecast.


  • Halts suspicious emails and spam before it arrives in your company inboxes.
  • Hones users’ email and web security knowledge
  • Offers secure, robust archiving that meets regulatory standards – and fast searches
  • Blocks individual accounts from visiting malicious sites and inadvertently downloading malware and other malicious software.

M365, in our opinion, does not provide enough security measures to protect client data. Outlook is a great email program, but its security measures remain in catchup mode. For example, M365 will check a link against a reputation rating – but if it is a new malicious link, the program may not halt access.

Mimecast rapidly assesses a link or attachment using multiple sources – not just a reputation program.

Another example is what the 99.9% uptime means over a year. Out of 8,760 hours in a year, Microsoft’s guarantee still allows for 43 minutes of outage a month  – or nearly nine hours of downtime a year.

Mimecast guarantees your email works 100% of the time, even when Outlook has an outage.

The Microsoft 365 suite is our go-to recommendation for enterprise-level essential business software. It’s been so widely adopted your clients likely expect you to use it – a kind of industry standard.

Many attacks begin with a human mistake – an employee clicks on a link or an attachment because they think it looks legitimate. Trouble can happen rather quickly if you are just using the security that comes with Outlook.

Mimecast protections can dramatically reduce that occurrence and cull out the spam and other junk that floods our inboxes.

We recommend you contact our team to set up a consultation on the aspects of Mimecast that would boost the email security at your organization.

We want you to sleep well at night, so you can focus on your strategic business goals during the day. When you add Mimecast protection, you are adding strong security measures that will backstop Microsoft.  M365 versus Mimecast, ImageQuest

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