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Why Should I Hire a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP)?

If your business collects data from customers—whether it’s as simple as name and address or more complex as financial or personal health information—you need proper security measures to protect that data. With an increase in the number of cybersecurity regulations and the growing number of customers in your enterprise, it can be hard for small community banks or mid-size legal firms to keep up.

That’s where an MSSP can help. As an outsourced managed security services provider, an MSSP, can handle all your complex cybersecurity needs and help with compliance requirements. Whether implementing a pen test (penetration testing), needing documentation to show an examiner, or enhancing your cybersecurity measures, an MSSP, like ImageQuest, can help.

What Is an MSSP, Anyway?

A managed security services provider (MSSP) is a third-party company that your business hires to provide digital security. With the increase of data being stored electronically across a wide range of industries, businesses, especially those with compliance regulations, need to be able to protect that data from hackers.

Services provided by MSSPs include:

  • Managed firewall protection
  • Threat detection and response
  • Cloud-based security measures to improve the cyber protection—and productivity—of off-site or remote workers.
  • Management of security risks
  • Data and information security

What’s the Difference Between an MSP and an MSSP?

Managed services providers (MSP) are also outsourced IT solutions for companies. However, MSPs offer generalized IT and network support, such as VoIP, cybersecurity training, cloud setup and management, and some security solutions. An MSSP provides specialized security solutions, focuses on compliance requirements, and handles incident response.

Another significant difference between the two is the operation center of the companies. MSPs operate from a network operations center (NOC), where they can monitor and manage your network. MSSPs add a security operations center (SOC) to provide cloud, network, and email security.

Why Do I Need an MSSP?

Hiring an MSSP security company can help improve your organization’s security posture. With cyber threats becoming more sophisticated every day and your company storing the personal data of thousands of people, you are a prime target for hackers. Outsourcing some of the security monitoring to an MSSP provides a host of benefits, including:

  • Increase network security bandwidth: With real-time monitoring and management of your network, you and your employees can focus on your business, not on whether your data is secure.
  • Prevent cyberattacks: A managed security provider helps prevent cyberattacks with tools such as intrusion detection and threat monitoring. Additional layers of security in your network makes it harder for cybercriminals to get in.
  • Take the pressure off your already overwhelmed team: When your business is expanding or inundated with routine IT tasks, it can be hard to find the proper amount of time needed to dedicate to security operations. MSSP providers alleviate some of that pressure by taking care of your network security program.
  • Enhanced technical expertise: Whether you have an entire IT department or one tech person running the show, having additional technical intelligence can be an asset to your organization. Perhaps there’s a problem your internal staff cannot resolve without additional support. A managed IT security services provider can help tackle the problem and keep your business safe.

What If I Already Have an IT Department?

No problem! MSSPs are designed to work in conjunction with your IT department. While your IT department handles the day-to-day responsibilities of your enterprise, a managed security services provider can keep a close watch on your network. In addition, if someone on your IT staff is sick, goes on vacation, or leaves your company, an MSSP can fill that cybersecurity gap to prevent vulnerabilities.

In addition, MSSPs have additional knowledge that your IT department or MSP doesn’t have. For example, did you know that your company could face sanctions if your network gets corrupted by ransomware and you pay the ransom to get your data back? Banks, insurance companies, and firms negotiating the payments are all at risk for U.S. sanctions.

The U.S. Treasury Department reasons that ransomware is often used by sanctioned countries, like  Russia or North Korea, or Iran. Paying these people undermines national security, according to the Treasury Department. And we’re not just talking about a couple of thousands of dollars. In 2021, U.S. banks and financial institutions sent $1.2 billion to ransomware hackers on behalf of their customers.

The MSSP will keep your backups current, keep at least one offline, and test them regularly. That way, if ransomware were to breach your network, you can restore your data from your backup and not face potential sanctions.

My Industry Is Highly Regulated. How Can an MSSP Help?

An MSSP security company shines brightest in industries with strict regulations. For example, suppose you are a small community bank, and an examiner comes to your location. In that case, you often need to show them your business continuity, disaster recovery, and incident response plans. In addition, the examiner will want to see that you have tested the plans and have proof of implementation.

Most small community banks don’t have the bandwidth to adequately prepare these plans and run regular tests on them. But with an outsourced managed security provider, you can prove to the examiner that you have the plans to meet the necessary standards and provide proof that penetration testing, vulnerability testing, and tabletop exercises and drills are completed.

The financial industry isn’t the only regulated industry where an MSSP can help. Whether you work in healthcare, insurance and benefits, legal services, or non-profit organizations, an MSSP can guide you through the appropriate tests and plans and ensure you remain compliant with your – or your clients’ –  industry regulations.

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