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Laptop with Password Management on the screen

Why You Need a Password Management Program

Password management is what I would call table stakes or the cost of doing business. Five years ago, I would have stood here and told you that password managers are pretty important, and you should really think about getting one. But in 2024 and beyond, I’m telling you that you must have a password manager.

Why Do You Need a Password Manager?

You need a password management program because the average person needs to know about 50 passwords to do their job on a typical daily basis. There’s no way for you to remember 50 passwords, make them unique, make them complex, follow all the rules we have to follow, and keep them secure without some type of sophisticated tool to do so.

How Do I Keep All My Passwords Safe and Secure?

Password managers are simply the way to do that. There are many very, very good and robust business-class password management tools out there. I highly encourage you to go find one today.

Need More Password Management or Other Cybersecurity Help?

If your business is currently not using a password management program and needs help implementing one, schedule a consultation with us today! We can help you learn not only how to create strong, robust passwords that are extremely difficult for cybercriminals to guess but also how to implement two-factor authentication and other cybersecurity best practices. Get in touch with us today to get started!