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Worried about spies on your network? Consider SOC-as-a-Service

We offer SOC-as-a-Service. What is that?

If you are a small- or medium-sized business and you’ve read about those breaches where intruders were inside networks for months, even years – you might be worried about whether some crook or spy is lurking inside YOUR systems.

A SOC-as-a-Service helps you sleep better. You outsource the monitoring of your network to a provider who can review your network’s activity and detect anomalies.

The provider also has cybersecurity engineers who can assess those anomalies and immediately alert you if something is amiss. You benefit from the provider’s ability to use cutting edge tools, including machine learning/Artificial Intelligence, from their ability to stay on top of security trends, and from their extensive security teams.

And you get this at a fraction of the cost you’d pay if you were to hire and build all the SOC elements yourself. Want to learn more? Our partner, Arctic Wolf Networks, offers lots of helpful information .