10/11/2019You guys always ROCK!
10/11/2019as always, fast and courteous service
10/11/2019Fast and quick resolution to this unexpected issue made my Friday better!
10/11/2019Perfect Michael, thanks!
10/10/2019It was solved fast, without any hassle.
10/9/2019It appears problem was resolved. Thanks!
10/9/2019Excellent service!
10/9/2019Always receive excellent service with ImageQuest:)
10/9/2019Showed/walked me through the steps to be able to complete myself going forward.
10/9/2019Great as always
10/9/2019Thanks for your Help!
10/8/2019Erick is always great at getting our issues resolved.
10/7/2019Thanks Michael!!
10/7/2019Fast and easy!
10/4/2019Issue was resolved quickly ๐Ÿ™‚
10/3/2019Mr Brown was able to get in and fix my issue right away. there was no down time.
10/3/2019Erick is Awesome!
10/3/2019Figured out what wiring was incorrect, thank you
10/3/2019Thanks fir (Solving) the mystery, Erick!!!
10/2/2019Called me back within 10 minutes and got my issue fixed! Thank you!!
10/2/2019Thank you for your help! YOUR STAFF are always so pleasant to speak with!
10/2/2019My issues was resolved in a timely manner. Technician was kind and knowledgeable.
10/1/2019fast and friendly
10/1/2019Erick is always super helpful and solves all issues with speed and accuracy. Thank you!!
10/1/2019You fixed it all!
9/30/2019Thanks Jameson!!
9/30/2019Erick was great and saved the day!
9/29/2019Prompt response on a weekend and Davis was very detailed in telling us how to safely get the computer back after the power failure. Thank all of you so much.
9/27/2019My experience was great because they quickly brought me what was needed!
9/27/2019Thanks for the quick response and guidance on the questionable email I received.
9/27/2019The issue was handled quickly.
9/26/2019Michael was super understanding and patient with me.
9/26/2019Davis was exceptional! He kept at it until we figured it out!
9/26/2019Quick resolution
9/26/2019Whoop Whoop Joshua!! Thanks so much!!
9/26/2019Great thank you!
9/26/2019thank you
9/25/2019Thanks Michael!
9/25/2019"Sad part is I called about 1:30 gave Sosha info and I did not get a return phone call. I called back 3 hours later, and Michael fixed my problem quickly."
9/25/2019Very helpful, resolved the issue in a few minutes.
9/25/2019Everything was handled in a professional manner and the issue was quickly resolved
9/25/2019Very good
9/25/2019Jameson finally got my computer fixed so that I can have multiple windows open and they don't get caught behind other documents and open in normal 100% view vs 250% view and my printer fixed so it only prints on one side. Thank you Thank you Thank you!
9/25/2019Erick is always Awesome and fixes my issues ASAP! Wonderful IT
9/24/2019Good Job Michael, thank you!!
9/24/2019Question was resolved very quickly!! Thanks!!
9/24/2019Erick is efficient and accurate as usual!! Thank you!
9/24/2019Erick is great
9/23/2019Erick is always very helpful!
9/23/2019Erick's immediate help on this issue is very appreciated! My users are quite happy and able to get parts out the door. Thank you!!
9/20/2019Professional quick to solve the problem
9/19/2019Thank you so much!
9/19/2019IT personnel professional and personable! Clear and helpful.
9/18/2019The support at IQ is always exceptional.
9/18/2019They quickly got me what I requested
9/18/2019Spoke to an IT Tech that was very helpful in setting up my two monitors, so I can view different items on each monitor.
9/17/2019All good
9/16/2019It was handled very quickly!
9/16/2019Davis followed up.
9/16/2019Image Quest made it easy to complete this task!! They logged in and got everything working! Just great!!
9/16/2019As Usual very helpful with my problems.
9/16/2019Thank you!
9/16/2019Appreciate you Davis!!
9/13/2019Immediate response. Keep up the good work Lori ๐Ÿ™‚
9/13/2019People can hear me clearly, muffled sound has gone away
9/12/2019Quick response
9/12/2019my experience was great because it took over an hour however all faxing, scanner, email add on were all complete and this has been on on going issue since last week.
9/11/2019My email was fixed !! ๐Ÿ™‚
9/10/2019Thanks Guys
9/10/2019I got a timely response to my request and the tech was accommodating.
9/10/2019Stephen is always my hero when I need him. Thanks, Stephen!
9/10/2019Working like a charm! Thanks Todd!
9/9/2019The response/action was fast.
9/9/2019Great job!
9/9/2019Thank you!
9/6/2019Thanks for the quick response, as always.
9/6/2019Erick was awesome!
9/6/2019Thanks for saving the day Davis!!!!
9/5/2019The technician resolved my issue quickly and effectively.
9/5/2019Great as always!
9/4/2019Problem was handled swiftly and with clear communication. Great job!
9/4/2019Wonderful!! Because he was courteous and professional, and got the job done i needed.
9/4/2019The issue i was having was resolved! Thank you!
9/3/2019Everything was resolved:)
9/3/2019Erick did a great job of checking to make sure that the suspect emails had not caused any damage.
9/3/2019thank you so much Erick !!!!!!
8/30/2019Thanks Jameson!!
8/30/2019This printing issue was resolved.
8/30/2019Lori was awesome in helping me with this issue. I had hundreds of notifications from the same person coming in every 10 min. She saved me!!
8/30/2019Perfect, thank you!!
8/30/2019Perfect Davis! Thank you for handling so quickly!
8/29/2019Image Quest comforts the frustration of our selves when our computers act up.
8/29/2019Erick was pleasant and quick, got me back up and running..
8/29/2019DeMarcus is always quick to resolve my issue, and does it with a smile on his face.
8/29/2019Thank you
8/29/2019Thank you
8/29/2019Thank you
8/29/2019Thank you
8/29/2019It was great got me right into Snap Big Thanks:)
8/29/2019Thank you
8/29/2019Thank you
8/29/2019Thank you
8/29/2019Thank you
8/29/2019Thank you
8/29/2019always done promptly and with great energy! Thank you.
8/28/2019I can now access the drive that has proprietary data that I need to function in my position. I can also save, delete and change the data as needed which before I could only save and not even that for a changed file.
8/28/2019I was very impressed with how quickly my request was addressed, the prompt follow up and amount of avenues tried in order to resolve. I was pleased with the follow up to make sure all was well.
8/28/2019Great thank you so much for the assistance
8/28/2019As always, Lori was very helpful. This was done very quickly, as well. We appreciate all of your help!:)
8/28/2019Davis was great - I greatly appreciate that my computer was up and running this morning, he went above and beyond. Thanks a million!
8/27/2019Quick response.
8/27/2019Perfect, thanks Davis!!
8/27/2019Thank you Angie!
8/26/2019Damian was able to take care of my call and fix it. He also tested it on the spot to make sure I was good to go.
8/26/2019Thanks Erick! Happy Monday!
8/23/2019Perfect! Thanks Damian!!
8/23/2019Thank you
8/23/2019This was done in a very timely matter. We appreciate all of your help! ๐Ÿ™‚
8/22/2019Thanks Damian!!
8/22/2019Super customer service! Many thanks to Damian.
8/21/2019The issue was resolved quickly and efficiently! ๐Ÿ™‚
8/21/2019Davis was very quick & effective in fixing my situation. Receptionist Johnathan was very nice as well. Thank you
8/21/2019Thanks for the quick response!
8/21/2019Daniel was so nice in coming over to assist Christi. He kindly explained that the software was already downloaded on the computer.
8/21/2019Thank you so much for the quick response to installing software files that required an administrator.
8/20/2019Always prompt response with a solution! Thank you!
8/20/2019Image Quest repaired the issue! Thanks.
8/19/2019He was sooo patient and completed his task. Great guy!
8/19/2019He fixed my problem.
8/19/2019Erick is super helpful and quick to respond.
8/17/2019Very thorough
8/16/2019Very Quick response and resolution.
8/16/2019we got it worked very quickly Damian is Awesome !
8/16/2019It was a very quick turn around, and we got exactly what we needed.
8/16/2019Looks like everyone is now able to receive our invites- that was a quick fix- thank you Amy and Brad!!!
8/16/2019It was fast!
8/15/2019The Field Services team is AWESOME!!!
8/15/2019Excellent! Very timely & very much appreciated! Thanks! Beth
8/15/2019The (ImageQuest) Verus IT team is the best! ๐Ÿ™‚
8/15/2019Jimmy Johns fast service!
8/15/2019Quick response
8/14/2019worked with Damian today. Great disposition with thorough knowledge of the system and how to help with my situation getting access to the fax e-mail for our system. He was also able to give me the name of our account manager so that I could talk with him and order a headset for my phone. Great experience!
8/14/2019Mr.King was professional and made sure the process was easy enough, the experience was as if I did not have an interruption through the day, quick fast and easy! Thanks for all your help.
8/14/2019Great thank you
8/14/2019This was a 15 round heavyweight battle and Erick was up for it. Thank you!
8/14/2019Mr. Fitzgerald took him time explaining everything to me and staying with me to make sure everything was running smoothly
8/14/2019My issue was resolved and the technician was excellent.
8/14/2019Great thank you
8/13/2019Thanks for being patient and helpful Damian!!
8/13/2019Good Job Jameson!! Thanks!!
8/13/2019Even though issue was difficult, Damian was patient and worked with me until the job was complete and issue fixed.
8/13/2019we received the SNAP agent access logins timely as needed, thank you
8/12/2019Not sure why this software continues to fail to load but Erick was able to restore it to functioning state.
8/12/2019Thank you Brad!!!
8/10/2019Technition was excellent to work with
8/9/2019The (ImageQuest at) Verus IT Team is very helpful and friendly!
8/9/2019Prompt service. Thank you !
8/9/2019Josh was quick and very helpful in resolving my issue. Thanks!!!
8/8/2019As always, a great experience!
8/8/2019He fixed my problem within 2 minutes!
8/8/2019Mr. Broadway is extremely helpful. He's always a delight.
8/72019He was so helpful and patient
8/72019Employee attended directly to my needs.
8/72019Good Job JAMESON!! Keep it up!
8/72019Quick and correct! Thank you Davis!!
8/72019Thank you
8/72019Thank you
8/72019Thank you
8/6/2019Damian is the BOMB! Thanks so much!
8/6/2019Jameson Fitzgerald was very helpful and explained the difference of the software we use and possible causes of my problem. I don't think we really know why I was having an issue but I am glad that some type of solution was found so that I can continue my daily tasks. So far, no problems. THANKS TEAM!
8/6/2019Erick was very nice and helpful.
8/5/2019Thanks for being available, Davis!
8/5/2019Did a great job of helping me get back on track!!! Had customers waiting for me!!!
8/2/2019Your quick response.
8/1/2019Good Job Erick!!
8/1/2019Thanks Erick!!
8/1/2019Thank you for keeping me updated
8/1/2019It was a company wide issue
8/1/2019Eric was so helpful and patient. Thank you!!
8/1/2019Thank you.
7/31/2019Very helpful and nice
7/31/2019Quick and accurate Thanks
7/31/2019Great experience, I got to know Daniel a bit better, he taught me things about IT I did not know about. Thanks guys! and girl!!!!
7/31/2019The problem was handled quickly and efficiently.
7/31/2019You guys are awesome!
7/31/2019As always, Erick was efficient and professional
7/30/2019Davis was able to remote into my laptop and discover the problem with my printer. He was kind, professional and resolved my problem fairly quickly!
7/30/2019Excellent Jameson! Thanks!
7/30/2019Courteous and helpful. I am not sure if asset inventory is image quest's responsibility or out in house iT dept but i appreciate you asking about it.
7/29/2019Image quest know the answers.
7/29/2019My experience was great because Angie worked tirelessly to resolve the issue, even following up twice. Great service!
7/29/2019Erick was very quick and responsive. Much appreciated!
7/26/2019Awesome and fast as alwats!
7/25/2019Perfect Angie, thank you!!
7/25/2019The representatives was very knowledgeable about the issue, stayed on the line until the issue was fixed. You're doing a great job!
7/25/2019Greatly appreciate the last minute request that you attended to. Thank you!
7/25/2019Thanks so much for your assistance! Beth
7/25/2019always helpful and very kind folks! Thank you!
7/25/2019Davis is very pleasant to work with and was able to fix the problem quickly.
7/24/2019Quick response.
7/24/2019Erick was kind and knowledgeable and didn't have a problem sharing his information with me.
7/24/2019The Help Desk was friendly and quick to return my call, and followed up with me to ensure that the issue was resolved.
7/24/2019The problem was fixed within 30 seconds and I now know how to tackle it myself in the future. Thanks!
7/24/2019Pleasant and explained the situation of what caused my issue.
7/23/2019It was completed very quickly.
7/22/2019Technition was very helpful and addressed my concerns in a timely manner.
7/22/2019Thanks Angie for helping this be quick and painless!!
7/22/2019so helpful and professional!
7/22/2019Love the follow up on an issue that I was not resolved by a different vendor. Thank you!
7/22/2019Damian was very helpful and got my connection fixed.
7/22/2019Thanks Josh for being prepared and executing timely!
7/21/2019He was patient with trying to get our new scanner to work.
7/21/2019The issue has been resolved.
7/19/2019Perfect, Thanks Jameson!!
7/19/2019Thank you so much for the amazing customer service and attention to detail. You guys are awesome and we are very grateful! <3 cat@mantis
7/19/2019Daniel did such a great job of helping me get everything hooked up the right way. He was very thorough and had patience with me. I'm thankful he helped me through this.
7/19/2019The problem was resolved timely
7/18/2019Thanks for acting so quickly after hours.
7/18/2019Davis Houk, in a person, is what made it so great. He was technically capable and willing to help me with a critical software issue involving not just my desk set, but the server and drive the software is loaded. He was willing to stick with the problem until the issue was resolved which took at least an hour. I was frantic as loss of this software was going to cost my firm addition money to not function immediately. I can't say good enough things about his competency, willingness to listen and comprehend, and patience with a distressed customer.
7/18/2019Damian was very helpful!
7/18/2019Fast and professional
7/17/2019prompt response.
7/17/2019Knew exactly what he was doing and resolved the problem promptly! Great work!
7/16/2019VERY QUICK!!!
7/16/2019Erick gets the issue working every time!
7/16/2019email working great, thank you!
7/16/2019Davis was easy to work with and knowledgeable. Thanks for the help.
7/15/2019Erick gets the issue working every time!
7/15/2019The guy you sent was very friendly and helpful
7/15/2019quick response time. thanks!
7/15/2019Because ImageQuest ROCKs with Knowledge!
7/15/2019Polite and quick service!
7/12/2019Erick was able to quickly get Citrix up and running with WellSky's SAMS so I am back in business! Thanks a bunch!
7/12/2019The problem was resolved! Thanks so much!
7/12/2019Very fast. thanks!
7/12/2019Awesome!!!! Very patient and got it to finally work!! Really appreciate it!
7/11/2019Thanks for remembering to follow up on his and get it done! Beth
7/11/2019Erick was great to work with!
7/11/2019Very helpful & fast to resolve issue.
7/10/2019We've had issues with out scanner for some time and it was solved today. Thank you!
7/10/2019fast fix
7/9/2019It was fixed fast!
7/9/2019Damian was very helpful! Very professional and polite!
7/9/2019Davis was a great help!
7/9/2019Quick and efficient
7/9/2019Davis always fixes the problem
7/8/2019Davis may the force be with you, always.
7/8/2019Damian was able to download Microsoft Teams in a flash and I was back in business. Thanks for your assistance!
7/8/2019Thank you for getting this last minute request done so quickly Erick!!
7/5/2019always a please
7/3/2019ImageQuest stayed on task long enough to analyze the issue and offer solutions. Thanks!
7/3/2019Awesome! Davis was able to locate and install Pulse Secure on my surface pro in a flash!! Locating this software in the past was difficult so this was great! He also quickly installed the other two programs that I needed. Thanks Davis!!
7/2/2019Thanks for sticking with us until we got things resolved today!
7/2/2019Davis resolved the problem quickly
7/2/2019Thank you so very much! The turn around was much faster than I expected.
7/2/2019Davis was able to make the necessary changes in a timely manner. Thank you.
6/28/2019My experience was great because every time I call the person on the other end of the line is so helpful and caring about getting the problem fixed. Your team Is super.
6/28/2019My experience was fantastic because Erick was able to figure out the problem really fast! Thank you
6/28/2019Eric was quick, knowledgeable and professional. Eric ROCKS!
6/27/2019Davis was able to add the VPN connection quickly. Thank you!
6/27/2019Quick setup
6/25/2019Thanks Andrew!
6/24/2019It was confirmed the message was legitimate.
6/24/2019Very fast response time
6/24/2019He was very helpful and patient with the issues
6/24/2019Always great to work with!
6/23/2019I assume all is fine with the laptop - thanks! Beth
6/21/2019Fast, friendly, easy. Thank you!
6/21/2019(He) did continue to look until he found the issue. E
6/21/2019Very quick. Thank you!
6/21/2019Great customer service, prompt response and corrections.
6/21/2019It confirmed what I felt about the suspicious email.
6/20/2019Davi(s) is phenomenal. It's as if his IT powers were bestowed Zeus...fortified by nature...and implemented by a man above all others
6/20/2019Always fast and efficient!
6/19/2019Quick response and resolution
6/19/2019It was handled promptly.
6/18/2019 Davis worked diligently to resolve my issue. when it couldn't be solved with troubleshooting he followed up with an alternate path.
6/18/2019Immediate response! Thanks!!
6/18/2019Great assistance in resolving the problem. Very helpful and nice
6/18/2019excellent, quic(k) resolution
6/17/2019the problem was fixed. Erick dominated as always. Give him a raise!!!!
6/14/2019Tested/Working - Thanks for the quick turnaround Damian!!
6/14/2019Quick response and resolved my issue fast!
6/14/2019Davis always fixes the issue.
6/13/2019fast friendly service
6/13/2019Fast, friendly assistance
6/12/2019It was relatively quickly resolved and the guy I spoke with was pleasant!
6/12/2019Damian quickly resolved the problems with my dual monitors and access to QuickBooks yesterday. He was also able to help my co-worker by providing information for me to share with her. Thank you Damian!
6/12/2019Good job guys! Thanks!
6/11/2019Very fast, Thanks!
6/11/2019thanks for the help!!
6/10/2019Great as always
6/10/2019I sent a request that was preceded by the same request sent by someone else to which I sent a "disregard my request" note. It apparently was handled appropriately.
6/10/2019Thank you
6/7/2019They answered quickly and understood my issue and worked to resolve it in a timely manner, Very Professional team!
6/7/2019Very quick response thank you!
6/7/2019Thanks Erick! Patient with me as always!
6/6/2019An ImageQuest associate checked to ensure I had no viruses on my computer. Thank you for your help on this!
6/5/2019You guys Rock!!! Thank you.
6/5/2019Erick helped me download Visio quickly and it worked the first time.
6/4/2019Already done and working! Thank You!
6/4/2019Fast and efficient as always. Thanks, Stephen.
6/4/2019Davis rocks - sent me the instructions and I was able to correct my issue! THANK YOU
6/4/2019Stephen's an OG or IT
6/4/2019Trโˆšยฎs Bon Erick!!
6/4/2019Happy to get fast reliable service!
6/4/2019thank you!
6/3/2019image quest always solves problems quickly!
6/3/2019Perfect, Thank you Brad!!!!!!!
6/3/2019My issues was taken care of in a timely manor.
6/3/2019Right on time!
6/3/2019The response time it took to resolve my concerns was perfect. The IT representative was very professional and extremely helpful.
5/31/2019Erick Burgess is a man among men and a prince among the stars
5/31/2019So quick and helpful - thank you!
5/30/2019Polite and knowledgeable. Rep was patient with technology challenged user.
5/30/2019Very fast. Thanks!
5/30/2019Thanks Erick!
5/30/2019Thanks Andrew!!
5/29/2019Perfect Damian, thanks!!
5/29/2019Because you blocked these scammer fools:)
5/29/2019E. King was fantastic and went above and beyond to help resolve my issue.
5/28/2019Problem resolved!!!!!
5/24/2019Very quick to respond and solved the problem quickly. Thank you.
5/24/2019it took a little over an hour to get the return phone call.
5/24/2019Works so far ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks Josh!
5/24/2019Nothing that would make it better or worse. Was not in the resolution process but the issue is resolved.
5/24/2019Davis was very helpful and was able to fix my issue in a timely fashion.
5/24/2019DBrown was an excellent help to figuring out the successful solution to my issue! thank you!
5/23/2019Many thanks!
5/23/2019Thank you, Davis!!!!!
5/23/2019The issue was handled quickly.
5/22/2019Took a few days for reply.
5/22/2019To begin, when I called this morning and spoke to Erick Burgess, he was very helpful and talked me off the ledge. He was able to resolve some issues that should never had happened, hence the Negative experience.
5/22/2019Thanks for yesterday Mark, good job!
5/22/2019When this tech called to resolve my issue, I was already on the phone with another tech resolving another issue. It was great to see multiple techs trying to get the job done.
5/22/2019Works like a charm, thanks DB!!
5/21/2019I have so many of these and they are dealt with swiftly.
5/21/2019Erick worked with me for a very long time until we were able to resolve my problem. I appreciate the initiative and the knowledge offered!
5/21/2019Thanks DeMarcus!
5/21/2019Thanks Andrew!
5/21/2019Thanks Damian!
5/21/2019Thanks Erick!
5/20/2019Works great.
5/17/2019The quick response time
5/17/2019As always, the tech was courteous and professional and got the job done!
5/16/2019I received the help I needed very quickly.
5/16/2019Thanks, Erick!
5/16/2019Thanks, Davis!!
5/15/2019Very quick response to my question.
5/15/2019Davis went above and beyond to get this finished! Thanks!!
5/13/2019Working great, thanks Davis!
5/9/2019Fast accurate service! Thank you Erick.
5/9/2019Thanks Davis! Your help is appreciated!
5/9/2019My nightmare became a dream. Thanks!
5/9/2019Erick did not give up when he was having trouble fixing the scanner. He was very nice on the phone and very helpful!! Thank you Erick for your help. You ROCK!!
5/8/2019Technician was expedient & knowledgeable.
5/8/2019This was an accident - should have been - Great job!
5/7/2019Very quick!
5/6/2019Resolved quick
5/6/2019Thanks, Davis!
5/6/2019Lol, this is from March! I've slept since then ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks, Todd!
5/6/2019Corrected the problem.
5/6/2019thanks for the help!!! ๐Ÿ™‚
5/6/2019Andrew is terrific!
5/6/2019Thanks Erick ~ Happy Monday IQ!
5/3/2019It appears that something was completed even though when I logged in for the 1st time today it went through yet another update beyond the multiple ones Mark endured last evening. Hopefully, now, the updates will occur and not sabotage me while I attempt to work.
5/3/2019DeMarcus is awesome, awsome attentive and helpful!!!
5/2/2019Damian was persistent in working with other vendors to make sure our phone issues were resolved. He kept me updated on a. daily basis and, considering that the other vendor was not overly responsive or willing to help, he made sure that the problem was fixed as soon as possible.
5/2/2019I got my zip file opened. That is all I needed.
5/2/2019so responsive! thanks for everything
5/2/2019Winner winner chicken dinner
5/2/2019Immediate response. Thanks, Brad.
5/1/2019Timely responses.
5/1/2019DeMarcus is a rockstar!
5/1/2019you are killing it today!
5/1/2019Damian is VERY helpful and friendly.
5/1/2019completed quickly! thanks.
5/1/2019Thank you, Todd.
5/1/2019Thanks Andrew!!
5/1/2019Perfect Damian!
4/30/2019appreciate the quick response
4/30/2019Davis is great!
4/30/2019Excellent work guys, you saved the day!!!
4/30/2019Issue was resolved quickly.
4/30/2019Thanks Big D
4/29/2019he was patient as we navigated through the screens and figured out the issue.
4/29/2019A BIG THANK YOU!!! This sync resolution became more involved than anticipated stemming from issues with the recent migration. The entire time to resolve was well over an hour, but the experience was very friendly and professional. Great job as always! Ron
4/26/2019Easy and fast, my assigned tech person was nice and patient when I should have already tried to restart my computer
4/26/2019Thank you Angie! Working like a charm!!
4/26/2019good job
4/26/2019Quick and agile response in determining that the suspected email was indeed fraud....great job as usual! Thx, Ron
4/26/2019Quick, courteous, efficient
4/25/2019fast, effective, efficient.
4/25/2019Erick was prompt and courteous in explaining how it would be resolved.
4/24/2019Problem resolved in 5 minutes
4/24/2019Erick was very helpful
4/24/2019You guys ROCK.
4/24/2019The ImageQuest team worked diligently on my issue until it was resolved. Thank you!
4/24/2019Trying to get used to a different system can be a challenge. Your staff it always so helpful. Thank you, Liz
4/24/2019Damian is the best. Great job!
4/23/2019helped with the hacker emails!!! thanks!
4/22/2019it was very quick
4/19/2019Perfect, thanks guys!!
4/19/2019Efficient and fast
4/18/2019Resolved my issue quickly !!
4/17/2019He was very patient and easy to work with!
4/17/2019This repetitive problem has not reoccurred in 5 days and counting.
4/17/2019Quick, easy and problem solved. Thanks Erick!
4/16/2019Thank you for explaining what to expect when I send a secure email.
4/16/2019Helped me out very quickly!
4/16/2019Thanks Damian!
4/16/2019Thank you.
4/15/2019Thanks so much - fast excellent service
4/15/2019Prompt response.
4/15/2019Got this so fast. You guys rock!!
4/12/2019Took less than 5 minutes to complete.
4/11/2019I can't even remember what this was for???
4/11/2019You're awesome
4/11/2019Davis was very polite and he got my email back up and working very quickly. Thank you!!
4/11/2019Terrific assistance as always - thank you!
4/10/2019Thanks as always - you all are the best!
4/10/2019Andrew got to the bottom of the scanning issues - all is great and I don't have use the other scanner that makes enormous files anymore... YES!!!
4/9/2019You're on a roll here Davis, keep it up!!
4/9/2019This user also looks great, thanks again Davis!
4/9/2019Looks great, thanks Davis!
4/9/2019Erick was very helpful and efficient. Thanks.
4/9/2019Damian was understanding of my computer illiteracy.
4/9/2019the response was prompt and problem was fixed
4/8/2019Whoop Whoop! Thanks Damian!
4/5/2019Thanks Davis!
4/5/2019Nice work on this one.
4/5/2019Thank you again for the awesome service.
4/4/2019Thank you DeMarcus! I would still like to know how .61 was routing to .76 when we replace for future printers.
4/4/2019It was resolved quickly.
4/4/2019Quick to get it resolved.
4/3/2019Quick response and you guys are always helpful!
4/3/2019Davis, all seems to be resolved as far as I know. Will let you kno if that changes. Thanks, as always, for your help! Good job!
4/3/2019Thanks Davis!
4/2/2019My computer had network drivers could be found and the issue was resolved in a timely manner.
4/2/2019Lightening fast, thanks Erick!
4/1/2019Thanks for the prompt response!
4/1/2019Thanks Damian!
3/31/2019Perfect Davis, thanks!
3/31/2019Laptop received, will check it out! Thanks!
3/30/2019Awesome as always!!! Thanks.
3/29/2019Request was completed so quickly - thanks as always! Great to see Kim yesterday too!
3/29/2019Todd worked diligently to fix my driver issues. Thanks for the hard work, Todd!
3/29/2019Excellent as always!
3/28/2019It was quick and painless.
3/28/2019Solved the problem quickly.
3/28/2019Thank you so much for your assistance!
3/27/2019Fast and efficient.
3/27/2019Fast, efficient, correct, and great communication. Thank you.
3/26/2019Easy and efficient
3/25/2019Thanks, DeMarcus!
3/25/2019Quick response, thank you.
3/25/2019DeMarcus Brown methodically traced down the problem and rebuilt as needed. Thanks!! Steve
3/25/2019Andrew was very efficient and pleasant to work with. Thank you, Me!
3/22/2019Damian responded quickly and was able to fix my problem immediately.
3/22/2019Thank you!
3/22/2019Very fast!
3/22/2019Wonderful!!! Erick was incredibly helpful and restored our lost drive.
3/22/2019Perfect, thanks!
3/21/2019Quickly done.
3/21/2019Done fast.
3/21/2019Very Quick.
3/21/2019Angie worked so hard on this one for me! Thank you so much for your dedication to getting me an answer. Thanks again!!
3/21/2019Quick service to resolve the issue!
3/21/2019Thanks Damian!!
3/21/2019Whoop! Whoop! Who's the man!!
3/21/2019My experience was great because we thought we were going to have to pay additional money to have the emails we needed exported, but Stephen Bratcher walked us through everything and showed us how to export the emails. Thanks so much for your help Stephen!
3/21/2019Thanks Davis! Mission accomplished. Bryan just received an email from her!!!
3/21/2019Working like a charm, thanks Todd!
3/21/2019Thank you! Damian was a great help!
3/21/2019It was finished quickly and efficiently. Thank you!!
3/20/2019Davis was patient and helpful! Thanks!
3/20/2019Thanks all is well
3/20/2019Efficient and courteous service.
3/19/19Davis went above and beyond to solve my issue. I told him I could wait but he sought out a solution to my issue anyway. I am very thankful that he did.
3/11/19My tech was super nice!
3/11/19Thank you for your help. It's been a real nightmare this tax season.GOOD JOB
3/11/19As usual, great response from Milton.
3/8/19As always, the "cleaning crew" cleaned my problems up. Many thanks for the great assistance!
3/8/19Davis was very efficient in taking care of my issue.
3/8/19resolved quickly
3/8/19Eric was very patience with my issue and he was very polite.
3/7/19Great work. Thank you so much Demarcus!
3/6/19My experience was great because Eric helped me recover a document that disappeared.ย  I was going to have to go back to client for a signature.ย 
ย Please acknowledge ERIC he is AWESOME!
3/6/19Taken care of very quickly. Thanks!
3/5/2019Working perfectly, thanks!!
3/5/2019Excellent Andrew!
3/4/2019Thank you to Davis, Brad and anyone else involved in solving this issue in such a quick manner.
3/4/2019Perfect, thanks Stephen!
3/4/2019Thanks Damian!
3/4/2019Damian was nice and very patient with me.
3/2/2019You were quick to respond. You understood exactly what my problem was and fixed it!
3/1/2019I'm sure you did fine if the backup is occurring. Thanks!
3/1/2019Davis is awesome! He installed 4 different software aps that I needed, and addressed 3 or 4 other issues for me. He also followed up with me today as he said he would earlier in the week. I was very impressed by the amount of work he accomplished in less than 1.5 hours. I stay very, very busy, so I appreciate how efficient he was. I could tell he is very knowledgeable about what he is doing. Thanks Davis!
3/1/2019Immediate response. Excellent service
3/1/2019Always responsive. I don't give you all enough thanks.
3/1/2019Davis did a great job in following up with this repair
2/28/2019Damian was very easy to work with and got me fixed up!
2/28/2019Problem was fixed
2/28/2019My experience was great because it was resolved very quickly! Thanks a bunch!
2/26/2019Thanks for bailing me out again. I've lost at least 3 days of work but this solution puts me back in business
2/26/2019Davis & Angela worked with me & walked me through step by step until the problem was corrected!!! Thank you!!!!!
2/26/2019The Support of Mr. Burgess.
2/26/2019Quick response
2/25/2019My experience was great because I got a very fast response rate.
2/25/ always!!!
2/25/2019Great experience as always
2/25/2019Request complete quickly.
2/22/2019Thanks Erick, these hackers are bonkers!!
2/21/19"DeMarcus resolved my printer problems and I am very thankful! Kim"
2/21/19"Fast and courteous service. Right on!"
2/20/19Thanks Demarcus!
2/20/19Excellence in service. Many Thanks!
2/20/19Y'all are awesome!!!
2/20/19Thanks for preventing future heartache Angie!!
2/20/19Fast, easy, no extra input needed.
2/20/19Stephen resolved the problem quickly and kindly!
2/20/19Quick and easy resolution
2/19/19"As always, polite, professional, knowledgeable customer service. Thank you!!!"
2/19/19It was resolved quickly.
2/19/19Excellent Demarcus!! Thank you!
2/18/19Thanks, DeMarcus! It helps that you can work on this while I am doing other things away from my computer. It's behaving now!
2/14/19Thank you for the consistent communication and updates!!!
2/14/19"Damian was so helpful and very professional. He helped with my problem right away."
2/14/19"Mr. Davis is great because he corrected the issue with my computer!!! Thanks."
2/13/19Helpful, courteous and efficient.
2/12/19Everyone tried to help us to respond quickly to our needs. My research was going to require more than a week.
2/12/19Quick and smooth Thanks
2/12/19Thanks for resolution Steve!
2/11/19Fast and efficient service.
2/8/19My experience was great because of Davis!
2/8/19Davis I appreciate your help. A little disappointed that it took so long to figure out it was the battery backup that was source of problem.ย  That's not a reflection on you.ย ย  Thanks again!
2/7/19Quick response and friendly attitude
2/7/19Fast resolution.
2/7/19Quick fix.ย  Quick response.
2/7/19A great help in the time of need. Thanks for being so prompt in getting the job done.
2/5/19Issue was resolved in a timely manner.
2/5/1910 Smiley faces to Erick! Thank you!!
2/5/19You started working on the problem as soon as I called and fixed the problem as fast as possible.
2/4/19My experience was great because the problem was addressed and fixed immediately.
2/4/19Fast and efficient service.
2/1/19It was time sensitive and they made sure to get back with me before end of day and got the situation taken care of.
2/1/19The ticket was handled in a timely manner and the Technician was knowledgeable about the issue.
1/31/19its working Thank you
1/31/19Davis fixed, what I had no idea on what to do. Davis you are Great!!!! Thanks!!! Image Quest Crew Rocks!!!
1/31/19The team member was courteous, professional, and most of all, he took care of my issue quickly. THANK YOU!
1/31/19Super fast!
1/31/19Josh and Matt provided valuable information and insight during our phone call with RJ Young. Thank you!
1/31/19Because I was in a crunch to get new check printer set up so I could print checks for closing this morning! You came thru and got it done for me!! Thanks sooo much!
1/30/19was so amazing! he helped out so much! This is the best experience I have had since working with the company.
1/30/19Thanks Damian!
1/30/19Thanks Erick!
1/30/19Thanks again Erick!
1/30/19Thank you!
1/30/19very fast
1/30/19Quick, effective help setting up an eFax account. Thank you!
1/30/19Quick, effective help setting up an eFax account. Thank you!
1/29/19Erick was great even though I told him we love DeMarcus LOL.
1/29/19Thanks Demarcus!!
1/29/19Access to our website through the host was granted in a timely manner and with the proper security protocols. I continue to be so impressed with the level of customer service WC receives from ImageQuest!
1/29/19Fixed very quickly!
1/29/19Understood the issue, and got it resolved. And showed me how to fix the issue in the event it pops up again.
1/29/19It is still popping up but I feel better knowing it is ok.
1/28/19Issue resolved! Thanks!
1/28/19Perfect Brad, thanks!!
1/28/19helpful ๐Ÿ™‚
1/25/19Imagequest gave excellent service as always! Thanks
1/25/19Prompt response and issue was fixed immediately. Thank you!
1/24/19Quickly adjusted our team settings in ticket board. Thank you!
1/24/19Its always great when you have Demarcus handling your requests!!
1/24/19Very Helpful and issue seems to have been resolved. Thanks!
1/23/19Thank you
1/23/19Because Mr. A. Shannon knows what to Do! Thanks
1/23/19That was fast and efficient work.
1/23/19Eric Burgess is a Rock Star!!!!! I have dealt with him on a number of occasions now and he is always great!
1/23/19Quick and correct! Thanks Erick!
1/22/19Demarcus is the BOMB!
1/22/19DeMarcus is the BEST!!!!
1/22/19Timely resolution - thanks so much!
1/22/19You guys got our network back up in about 20 minutes. Great Job.
1/22/19Thanks Erick!
1/22/19Thank you for your response to my question.
1/22/19resolved quickly thank you
1/22/19Damian responded to my inquiry quickly.
1/22/19Thanks Demarcus! Have a great Tuesday!!
1/21/19I received timely response and assistance.
1/18/19quick and done right
1/18/19Eric is always very easy to work with and is very diligent.
1/18/19Because you are good!
1/18/19You guys did great - Windstream did not. Have a great Friday over there!!
1/18/19Mark is wonderful!!!
1/18/19Demarcus made me feel calm and confident that this issue would be fixed.
1/17/19thank you!
1/17/19Demarcus worked with me until my problem was solved. He was very patient and persistent.
1/17/19Quick, effective response. Thank you!
1/16/19Quick action and explanation in response to our request. Thank you!
1/16/19Checked out my emails and really didn't find anything. May have just been a temporary glitch where I was getting duplicate emails. Have not been getting them now!
1/15/19Thanks for fixing the problem! ๐Ÿ™‚