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Frequently Asked Questions

What services will I get as a Managed IT customer?


For a predictable monthly subscription fee, we will keep your systems maintained and running at optimal performance. This includes applying security patches promptly when released, monitoring your networks, backup monitoring and restores, firewall updates and monitoring, monitoring your hardware for signs of failure. We also assign a Technology Account Manager to meet with you periodically to review technology performance and business needs.


How will your technicians treat me? It stresses me out to have something not work because I'm not a computer expert!


If you were a computer expert, you wouldn't need us! Our team considers our clients like family – and we will treat you accordingly. We enjoy helping our clients solve problems. It’s just how we’re wired!


How do you protect my data? We have to be very careful.


We specialize in IT Compliance as a service. Thus we understand the regulations such as HIPAA, FFIEC, FINRA, FERPA, ALTA, and others with which you must comply. We offer you SOC-2 compliance with our practices and our data center. We go through and follow the SOC 2 certification requirements annually as a matter of business practice.


What happens if I hire a new team for a new line of business? Or just a new employee? How long do I have to wait for the technology to support this?


All clients are assigned one of our Technology Account Managers, and they meet with you quarterly. During those meetings, they will become aware of your plans and offer you guidance on the required technology needs. Once we know your addition is happening, we immediately prepare internally for the hardware and software your new people need. We then do the installs nights and weekends to minimize the disruption. It's in our interest to complete installs promptly, but with thorough testing.


What happens if a storm hits – and we lose our systems due to fire, flood, winds, etc.?


We make sure all of our clients have automated, consistent backups of critical business data. We ensure there is a copy onsite, and we guarantee there is a second copy in a secure data center where it can be accessed in case of a disaster.
We also recommend you do our tabletop exercises to think through exactly what procedures would work and exactly how you would recover in a disaster.


If I need to reach you, how long does it take ImageQuest to respond?


We answer our phones live from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Central Time. Clients calling during Normal Support Hours will immediately speak to a qualified support specialist. We keep your system information and prior support notes readily available so anyone on our team that you talk with will be able to help you immediately. Appropriate action, prioritization, and escalation will follow.


Do you outsource your Help Desk? Will I be calling someone overseas?


NO! Our Live Help Desk team lives and works in Nashville, Tennessee.


If I need something extra, outside our usual monthly services, how will that be handled?


Before we commence a project – office moves, upgrades, additional locations – we tell you what is involved, how long it will take and what it will cost. We then repeat that information on your invoice, so you understand what you are paying for. We strive to be transparent.


Do you support the software applications we use?


We own the problems with all line-of-business applications for our clients. That doesn’t mean we can fix faulty software – but we WILL be the liaison between you and your vendor to resolve problems you are having and make sure these applications work smoothly for you.


Can you help us with this regulatory audit letter we just received?


We can help your organization become IT compliant and pass audits – but this doesn’t happen overnight. We’re here to help you identify what you’ll need to do, how you need to comply – and we’ll write the documentation you’ll need for the regulator – or that large customer you want to keep.



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