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Do the Best for Your Bank with Banking Operations Consulting

Banking executives have a lot to do in a day, including things like maximizing performance and profit margins, pinpointing new sources of revenue, and keeping client satisfaction high. It’s a long list, so it’s understandable if you feel overwhelmed.

The operations area within a bank serves as the beating heart of its functionality, encompassing a multitude of vital tasks that ensure smooth operations and customer satisfaction. Efficient operations directly impact customer experience, as timely and accurate handling of transactions fosters trust and loyalty. Additionally, the operations area plays a crucial role in risk management and compliance, ensuring adherence to regulatory standards and safeguarding against fraudulent activities.

That’s where banking operations consulting from ImageQuest comes in. We’ll provide consultation that covers all areas in one streamlined package with policies, procedures, and processes around those core banking functions. Let’s work together to put it all in motion.

What is Banking Operations Consulting?

ImageQuest’s banking operations services offer assistance in several areas.

We’ll begin by searching for gaps in operations policies and procedures to identify any unmitigated risks.  This risk assessment process can be done in the areas of ACH, Remote Deposit Capture (RDC), Wire, CATO, and by operational department.

When your bank adopts new software or products, ImageQuest’s banking operations consulting specialist will help to install that software, set it up, and train your employees. We’ll act as your oversight team, keeping projects on track and ensuring that the benefits you sought in new software are being realized. Examples of the types of software you might require include new payroll systems, loan administration software, credit administration software,   accounting software, and online banking.

A core processor is the heart of a bank’s systems, handling deposits and payments, but these companies generally don’t offer implementation services. When your bank’s needs change and a new core processor is chosen, it can overwhelm a small or large bank with a 12- to 18-month commitment. But we can help by organizing the steps needed to implement and oversee the completion of those steps and keep the conversion on track.

What does having a good back-office staff mean to you? ImageQuest is not a staffing or temp agency; however, we can fill in when staffing gaps occur. We can help with things like loan booking, file maintenance, and bank reconciliations during turnover until the proper candidate is hired. Your bank’s current staffing needs are unique, and that’s why we’re committed to being flexible enough to meet those needs.

This is an annual audit by an Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) of how current policies are working to avoid errors and losses, and how effective they are in meeting regulatory requirements.

This can include standard operation procedures for retail operations (i.e. a bank branch), loan operations, and deposit operations.

ImageQuest will help your bank develop those policies instead of simply telling you what to do. Maybe you’ve been led to believe you can buy a collection of policies or check a box for $500, but this one-size-fits-all method often doesn’t work. We’ll customize our approach to your situation, including policies for payment systems, Chat GPT (AI), and more.

A lack of good, specific policies can lead to operational inefficiencies and lost profit. And if your policies don’t reflect an understanding of your risk, or your team doesn’t appear to understand the bank’s risks, you will be in regulatory trouble. ImageQuest will show you what good operations look like and then help you achieve that for your bank.

Guidance from a banking operation consultant can be indispensable in times like these, and ImageQuest is ready to discuss how we can help. Contact our team today.

Banking Operations Consulting to Complement Managed IT

As you’ve probably gathered, operations consulting for your bank by ImageQuest will include everything your bank needs to run smoothly—except managed IT services. However, the two can be implemented alongside each other in a way that enhances your bank’s operations while protecting its data and assets.

We encourage you to learn more about our managed IT services for banks and speak to an ImageQuest team member today.

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A Summary of Integrated Bank Operation Optimization

The phrase “integrated bank operation optimization” brings more than one or two adjustments within your bank. Instead, it’s a comprehensive, streamlined approach to improving all aspects of a bank’s operations.

It goes beyond optimizing individual processes or departments. Instead, it focuses on creating a seamless, integrated flow of information and activities across your entire financial institution.

What does that mean for you? You can rest easy knowing that a certified professional has combed through your bank’s operations, identified areas for improvement, and given you actionable advice for improving efficiency and profitability.

What could that mean for your bank? Contact us to find out.

Get Greater Security & Profitability with Banking Operations Consulting

Is there any investment you wouldn’t make if you knew it could increase client satisfaction, employee morale, and profitability?

That’s banking operations consulting, and we’re ready to discuss the process, the benefits, and what it will look like for your bank. Get in touch with us, and we’ll connect you with a banking operations consultant whose first concern is your success.