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Identify Security Concerns with Penetration Testing by ImageQuest

Where are the openings for security incidents in your healthcare facility, bank, law firm, dental office, or financial services company? Penetration testing will provide answers to that question so you can make critical adjustments.

For instance, is your server room ever left unlocked? Or is authorized access shared? Is data ever transmitted without encryption? Are passwords emailed or shared without multifactor authentication? With pentesting, you’ll know where vulnerabilities are, so they can be repaired and your company’s security restored.

Penetration Testing Reveals What You May Miss

For every security checklist item you cover, you can assume there are dozens more you’ve never thought about. Threat actors looking for ways to infiltrate your company’s defenses know this-and they use what you’ve overlooked to break in and add to their collection of valuable personal data. 

When this happens, asserting that you “didn’t know” won’t save your bank, wealth management firm, or healthcare facility from financial ruin, bad press, fines, and legal trouble.

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Ethical Hacking: A Proactive Approach to Cybersecurity

As with all cybersecurity measures, a proactive stance is always the best option. Penetration testing provides authentic hacker simulation-where the “good guys” act as the “bad guys.” We’ll recreate attempts to access your stored information using the latest tactics, techniques, and procedures. 

This type of security testing answers a challenge. You think your network and communication are secure, but are they really? If you’ve ever seen those TV shows where retired police officers show homeowners how easy it can be to break into their locked homes, you get the idea. 

Too often, systems are perceived to be secure. Until they’re tested. That’s when vulnerabilities are exposed and repaired-before the bad guys find them. 

Are you ready to find security weaknesses before hackers discover them? Talk to a penetration testing expert today.

Here’s What Happens During Penetration Testing

In four types of penetration tests for banks and businesses in other regulated industries, we’ll attempt to gain access to your systems. These include internal, external, and wireless pentests, as well as social engineering tests. 

An internal penetration test involves an ethical hacker being given some level of access to your business’s information, and then attempting to access files as an administrator. This will determine if your employees have the ability to access information that only C-level personnel should have access to. 

For an external penetration test, an ImageQuest vulnerabilities expert will attempt to access your server or network from a location outside your office using only the internet, without having any access granted. 

When we conduct a wireless penetration test, we’ll attempt to access your internal network via your WiFi. We’ll look for answers to questions like, “Can we access (or break into) your WiFi from the parking lot?”, “Can we jump from the guest WiFi to the corporate network?”, and, “Can we find rogue access points?”

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…and After Penetration Testing

Every ethical hacking conducted by ImageQuest includes a narrative of attack vectors used to gain access, along with a summary of key findings we’ve made while actively attempting to exploit the network. 

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Stay in Compliance with Penetration Testing

When you’re in a regulated industry like finance or healthcare, you’ll likely be required to perform an annual penetration test. This is one of the reasons businesses contact us for this service. Another reason is to keep hackers from striking twice. As you can imagine, an incident is scary. No one knows that better than a C-level executive who’s endured one-and pentesting is often requested immediately following the incident. 

You can stay ahead of that fear, though, by requesting penetration testing before the unthinkable happens. It can be easy to see if you’re fully employing zero-trust policies, using guest WiFi appropriately, properly limiting physical access and training employees-and keeping your data safe and your operations in compliance.

Let ImageQuest take care of penetration testing for you, so you can take care of your business.