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Stop Hackers at the Gate with Security Awareness Training

What is your organization’s weakest link when it comes to cybersecurity and the protection of information? It’s your employees. They can be well-intentioned, or take all the steps they think they should take, but without security awareness training, the bad guys can still gain access to your information.

Arm your team with the security awareness training they need to protect your company, your customers’ information, and your reputation.

What’s Your Business’s Cybersecurity Awareness Rating?

How good is your workforce at spotting and avoiding phishing scams, malware attempts, and other tricks that hackers use to gain access to your network and sensitive information? 

Think about the answer to that question while you consider one more: Is your business in an industry that’s subject to cybersecurity compliance? In other words, will you need to show how your employees have been trained to keep hackers at bay on a daily basis? 

As you consider what your employees are doing right at this moment, as well as the answers to these questions, know that there’s a way to keep them educated and your information safe. It’s called security awareness training by ImageQuest, and it’s just on the other side of a free consultation.

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Why Are Your Employees Targeted by Hackers?

Hackers are banking on the fact that you don’t have the time, resources, or knowledge to train your employees in information security. 

You can rely on your in-house IT team to administer training, but what happens when their attention is diverted to compliance requirements, help desk traffic, or vulnerability patches? As we all know, when work gets busy, our businesses’ own needs can fall by the wayside. 

When you entrust employee security training to ImageQuest, we will ensure your organization’s security training won’t be forgotten, overlooked, or put off indefinitely. 

Your employees will receive cybersecurity education as part of ongoing security awareness training. This will teach them to recognize and defend against threats-and then report them. We will even test members of your workforce with phishing simulations, to make sure they’re paying attention and that they know how to report phishing attempts. Overall, this training will raise awareness, so the questioning of strange emails, attachments, and more becomes common practice for everyone.

What Part Does Training Play in Your Compliance Requirements?

If you’re in an industry like banking, healthcare, or wealth management-to name a few-cybersecurity multiplies in importance. Not only are your employees the caretakers of remarkably sensitive information, but there are regulators who will want to know if your employees are properly prepared to protect that data.

What if you can’t provide documentation that you supplied cyber awareness training to your employees? There could be audits and fines, plus exposure that could damage your company’s reputation.

You deserve to know that your employees are doing everything they can to protect valuable client data. You have the right to know which of them requires more intense training. And you’ll get all of that with advanced reporting and metrics. Penetration testing will tell you where the biggest risks are, and you’ll know who has (and has not) completed their required training.

Even though you may be required to have a security training program in place, you’ll be glad when you experience its benefits.

Provide Cyber Awareness Training that Appeals to a Range of Learning Styles

No one wants to attend a day-long annual seminar on how to react to hacking attempts. And by the time next year’s session rolls around, hackers will have completely evolved their methods. 

Instead, you can supply short, interactive learning sessions that your employees actually look forward to-because after all, the better educated and proactive they are, the more secure your data will be.

Arm Your First Line of Defense with Security Awareness Training

Your employees want to keep your data secure. No one aspires to be the reason a cybercriminal gains access to critical information-and if they do, you need to know who they are. 

Give your team members what they need to fight the bad guys. Include security-awareness training, a zero-trust security model, and more. And give it to them in a tailored package that allows them to learn the way they learn best. Provide that, and they will give you something priceless in return: peace of mind. And in your business, there’s nothing more valuable than that.