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Law Firm IT & Cybersecurity Compliance

While not “officially” required by law, all law firms that don’t have a cybersecurity program in place should hire someone to do an IT risk assessment asap. Law firms are handling some of our most sensitive and private information and with the ever-growing threat of data breach, real risk is held by such organizations.
ImageQuest is your premier technology services partner, providing comprehensive Managed IT, Compliance, and Cybersecurity services to clients in Tennessee, Kentucky and across the U.S. Our world-class team of savvy, experienced managers and engineers support your technology and help your organization thrive in a cyber-secure data environment.

Law Firm FAQ

IT & Cybersecurity Compliance

What is compliance law?

Simply put, compliance means to conform to a standard set of rules such as specifications, policy or laws. When it comes to Law firms there is no specific compliance and depends mostly on which state the law firm practices in. If the Law firm works with credit cards they are required to follow PCI DSS, if they work with HIPAA cases then HIPAA third party rules are followed.

What does a compliance officer in a law firm do?

A compliance officer in a law firm is usually referred to as a COLP (Compliance Officer for Legal Practices) and a COFA (Compliance Officer for Finance and Administration). They are responsible for the law firm’s day to day operations. They are also responsible for making sure that there are processes in place that ensure that the firm complies with the requirements of the SRA handbook.


Why is it important to follow Compliance?

Law firms are being targeted for cyberattacks. Law firms collect and accumulate very sensitive and confidential information from their clients but data collected states that 10% of firms have not performed risk assessments on information security and privacy assessment and 30% of firms do not have cyber liability insurance policies. Clients require a law firm to meet high-security standards and meet regulatory compliance guidelines.



These are some of the most common compliance regulations
we help our clients navigate.



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