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Work Securely, from Anywhere, with ImageQuest Cloud Services

Does your operation employ remote workers? Are you concerned about them being both productive and secure? Managed cloud services by ImageQuest provide all that and more.

Power your remote workforce with features like Microsoft’s Cloud, Desktop-as-a-Service, Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Cloud Guidance, and other cloud technologies that bring your team together like never before.

Cloud Services to Power Up Your Remote Workforce

You will increase productivity when your entire team has all the tools they need to operate seamlessly. But if your team is like many, working remotely since the pandemic, you might worry that those tools come with security concerns. With managed cloud services by ImageQuest, you can leave those worries behind.

When combined with M365, Desktop-as-a-Service adds more data protection and security. Your data never lands on someone’s device, which can be lost or stolen, triggering a breach process for you. Your data-your files, records, projects-stay in the cloud, behind compliant, secure protections that offer redundancy and recovery.

Get all the necessary computing, networking, and storage you’ll need from the Cloud. This service eliminates the need for an onsite data center while reducing hardware costs. Infrastructure-as-a-Service is entirely customizable and on-demand-meaning you only pay for the features you use.

With Software-as-a-Service, you can rent applications in the Cloud that your team accesses with internet connectivity. This affords your business a quick start-up and relatively low up-front costs. Calendar apps and emails are just two examples. The software is stored in ImageQuest’s data center, so you’ll never have to worry about space or maintenance.

With Microsoft’s cloud storage, you can work with applications that integrate your most remote workers into the collaborations, discussions, meetings, and productivity of someone sitting in your office. Hire from anywhere with this computing cloud to secure the best talent, improve document and file search across your organization, meet compliance standards, and keep your data secure with managed security.

Although the world seems obsessed with Cloud-this and Cloud-that, we will provide guidance to help you determine if your organization should continue with on-premises servers, a mix of on-premises and Cloud (hybrid cloud), or full Cloud. We know the ins and out of each choice and will help you decide on the best cloud environment for your operation.


Managed cloud services by ImageQuest give you the flexibility and customizable options you need to operate efficiently and productively-like the unique business you are. Let’s discuss your options today!

The Benefits of Using Cloud Services

There’s a reason so many businesses are migrating to the cloud. Here are just a few of them:

Data Security

When you use cloud storage, your data never resides on a personal device, meaning that you won’t have to worry about compromised information if a device is lost or stolen. 

Rapid Adjustment to Business Needs

Adding a new location or team? You can have it up and running within hours. Closing a line of business? That can be just as speedy. Only pay for what you use, when you need it.

More Protection than On-Premises Operations

While a fire, storm, or other disaster could take out your on-premises server, a redundant managed cloud service will keep your data safe and backed up. This means you can always be open for business.

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A Cloud Services Case Study

Learn why Houchens Insurance Group (HIG) recommends you hire ImageQuest to be your IT partner. Our IT solutions met HIGUSA’s growth needs, and we helped HIGUSA remain productive and serving their clients through COVID-19. Learn what it’s like to be an ImageQuest client!


Make Cloud Services Your Competitive Advantage

Is it time to migrate to the cloud? Either fully or in hybrid fashion? If you do partner with ImageQuest, the result will be a stress-free partnership at a predictable cost. Find out by scheduling a consultation with an ImageQuest IT professional today.

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