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Manage Risk with Banking IT Support, Compliance, and Security

Community banks, boutique banks, and other financial institutions rely on ImageQuest’s technical expertise for bank cybersecurity, banking IT support, IT compliance, and banking operation needs. 

Their partnerships with us allow them to focus on meeting customer needs in the highly competitive banking environment. 

Information Security, Risk, and Governance Requirements for Banks

As you know, banks are subject to Information Security regulations that often exceed those of other industries. There are vendor management requirements, incident response planning and testing, business continuity planning, IT documentation, and so much more.

ImageQuest’s capabilities offer the cybersecurity measures community banks need today. From penetration testing to a fractional share CISO, we have what you need for stress-free network operations, data security, and successful IT examinations. See what makes ImageQuest different from other Nashville, TN, technology companies. Security and compliance are vital-but there’s even more!

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Let Us Free Your Banking Team from IT and Data Security Issues

Technology should enhance your operations, not slow down your banking team. When IT issues keep your team from delivering, you need a technology partner who works behind the scenes on your IT and Information Security needs. This lets you focus on operations.

Your bank may also need the services of a Chief Information Security Officer. But in many cases, it’s not feasible to hire a full-time CISO. Let ImageQuest act as your bank’s CISO virtually. Then your internal IT team can focus on business initiatives and day-to-day operations while your bank stays secure and within budget.

We can even establish a fractional share agreement, where we partner with you to support your IT team, assist with information security, advise your bank directors, and provide proactive guidance in the fast- and ever-evolving technology and cybersecurity worlds.

Why Do Banks Choose ImageQuest for Banking IT Support?

First Southern National Bank of Stanford, KY, sought to take its Information Security program to a higher level. “We didn’t have enough people to go around or enough hours to do it.” So the bank reached out to ImageQuest – and now “we sleep a little better at night.”

You Have Questions. We Have Answers.

Do you have a good grasp on all the security and compliance measures you’re required to follow? Do you have questions you’d like to ask a banking operations advisor? 

Here are two of the most common questions bankers ask our banking IT support professionals:

The quick answer is with a Vendor Management Program. This is a systematic approach to regularly checking and assessing the security measures of your vendors – including their vendors, and even their vendors’ vendors.

A successful Vendor Management program will have reports on security measures deployed by vendors, reports on how your vendors assess their vendors’ security, and further information on the security of fourth-party vendors. A hack of one could easily ripple into your bank if each step is not tightly buttoned up.

A successful program will also include risk ratings that review how critical the vendors’ services are to your overall business and what access that vendor has to your IT systems or Non-Public Information (NPI).

Questions include: What data and systems can your vendors access? Do your vendors encrypt your data? What measures do your vendors have in place for business continuity and disaster recovery? How do your vendors vet the employees who work with your data? And what is the process to initiate and terminate a business relationship when data is involved?

Best practices here included scheduled reviews of your vendors. Frequency is affected with vendors involved in mergers, acquisitions, affected by regulation changes, or experiencing management changes.

Are you ready to partner with IT professionals who can ensure that you AND your vendors comply with banking industry guidelines? Look no further than ImageQuest.

Banking today serves customers anywhere, which drives the need for modern data security requirements. And those requirements can be complex and evolving in response to complex and evolving cyberattacks.

We doubt community banks have the time or staff who can be experts on cybersecurity best practices. That’s where an MSSP can help. As an outsourced managed security services provider, an MSSP can handle all your complex cybersecurity needs and help with compliance requirements. Whether implementing a pen test (penetration testing), needing documentation to show an examiner, or enhancing your cybersecurity measures, an MSSP like ImageQuest can help. You can learn more here.

Do you want to ensure you’re doing everything you can to anticipate the examiner’s security questions? Then get with us today. Our Information Security Advisory Team will be happy to speak with you about your banking information security needs.

Do you want to ensure you’re doing everything you can to follow FFIEC guidelines? Then get in touch with us today. Our Information Security Advisory team will be happy to speak with you about banking information security.

Let’s Talk About Banking IT Support Today

Banks supply so many valuable benefits to their communities that there’s often no extra time to spend on compliance and IT concerns. That’s where we come in. Let us be your partner in success, so you can deliver all the value you can while remaining secure and compliant. Contact us today to learn more about how we can become your bank’s trusted banking IT support partner.