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Superior IT Services for the Insurance & Benefits Industry

Risk reduction: it’s your business. And as a professional in the insurance and benefits industry, you can’t lose sensitive data to hackers. Your reputation rests on being a model of the best practices to reduce risk, including the risk for a devastating and costly cyber attack.

Which cybersecurity company will you choose to protect your insurance firm? You need to look for a Managed Security Services Provider who is well-versed in the regulations you need to adhere to, such as HIPAA if you sell group health plans, GLBA if you sell insurance investment products, and even state data privacy regulations. With ImageQuest, you can be sure all of your IT, security, and compliance needs will be met-and that your clients’ information will be protected. 

Do You Need Better Technology for Your Insurance Firm? ImageQuest can Help

Information security for insurance companies is no laughing matter. You have some very sensitive business data regarding your clients’ information and your insurance firm’s operations. ImageQuest offers the IT security and data compliance measures that today’s insurance and benefits firms need. Here are just some of the services we offer:

  • Managed IT Services
  • Strong email security
  • Risk Assessments
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Penetration testing
  • Cybersecurity Training for your team
  • Managed Cloud
  • Secure Backups
  • Zero Trust Architecture
  • Network solutions to boost productivity
  • Managed data risk programs
  • Business continuity
  • Disaster recovery planning and validation
  • Information Security Consulting and advice
  • 24-7-365 Security Operations
  • And more
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Whether it’s strong email security, employee security training, or vulnerability management, we have what you need to develop seamless system operations, robust insurance data security, and stress-free customer transactions.

Isn’t it time to discuss your data security and IT needs with a Managed Security Services Provider? One of our insurance IT professionals is waiting to speak with you!

ImageQuest Delivers for Insurance & Benefits Companies

What does our 90% retention rate say about us? It says that our clients rely on us for Managed IT, Cybersecurity, Compliance, Managed Cloud Services, plus more-and we deliver! 

See for yourself what our clients are saying about our array of services.

Free Your Insurance Firm’s IT Team from IT Security Worries

If you employ an in-house IT team, we believe (just like you do) they should have the capacity to focus on promoting efficient day-to-day operations. Our IT professionals want to free your team from the distracting IT issues that can keep your insurance company from running efficiently. We accomplish that by supporting your IT professionals, assisting with cybersecurity and compliance, and providing forward-thinking guidance to help them navigate the ever-changing worlds of technology and cybersecurity.

Within your database and everyday communications lies a wealth of private, sensitive data-precisely the information cybercriminals seek.

No matter if it belongs to insured individuals or businesses, you must protect that data. There’s legal liability attached to it. If it’s Protected Health Information (PHI), you could face lawsuits AND government fines for a breach. There could be financial penalties if your firm suffers security incidents with other types of data as well.

And don’t forget – a major criminal trend these days could potentially put you out of business. We’re referring to ransomware. As an insurance professional, you know the poor likelihood of recovery even if you pay the ransom. And should you end up inadvertently sending money to a U.S.-sanctioned country, your risk of fines increases – not to mention reputation damage.

It can be intimidating and scary – and frustrating – to try to protect data these days. But you don’t have to navigate this issue on your own. An expert Managed Security Services Provider such as ImageQuest will protect you and keep your defenses current. Choosing to work with an MSSP such as ImageQuest will allow you and your team to focus on growing your book of business.

Be Certain that Your IT Provider Offers Security and Compliance

Even if you offer a cyber insurance policy, can you ensure your firm is on top of all threats? Does your IT team have the time to develop the planning and documentation regulators require?

We can help you follow your own risk reduction advice with our IT services for insurance. We know the steps insurance and benefits companies need to take to achieve the lowest possible data-loss risk.

Our Risk Assessments will provide metrics regarding your cybersecurity strengths and weaknesses. We are experts at vetting vendors-the ones who handle your clients’ personal information. And you can count on us to help you run ransomware and malware attack scenarios so your staff is prepared should cybercrime attempts be made. You must be aware: Not every IT provider offers the level of security and compliance that comes standard with IT services from ImageQuest. Why take that chance?

An Insurance IT Compliance & Security Case Study

Learn why Houchens Insurance Group (HIG) recommends you hire ImageQuest as your IT Partner. Our solutions met HIGUSA’s growth needs, and we helped them remain productive and serving clients through the COVID-19 pandemic. In this case study, learn what it’s like to be an ImageQuest client.


IT Services for Insurance You Can Count On

Our goal is to help you help your clients in an efficient, streamlined manner. That means freeing up your IT team for actual business-while we handle security and compliance. Need managed IT? We do that too! If you’re an insurance or benefits company, get in touch with ImageQuest’s team today. We’re ready to discuss the most complex insurance IT security and compliance requirements you face.