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Get the Non-profit IT Support You Need-to Make all the Difference You Can

You do the best work and make the biggest difference when you can channel all your resources to serve your clients and your community. When you hire a company to provide non-profit IT support, security, and compliance, you can focus on what really matters to the people who count on you.

Turn to ImageQuest, experts in non-profit IT security, non-profit IT compliance-even HIPAA compliance. You won’t believe the difference a dedicated, specialized IT partner can make.

ImageQuest’s Capabilities Give Non-Profits the IT Features They Need

Non-Profits fill all kinds of niche markets, delivering services that can be difficult to find anywhere else. We understand because we have a community outreach program of our own. 

But who’s meeting your non-profit’s IT needs? Who is helping you establish a reliable network, trustworthy security, and compliance measures that help your data-driven organization stay within regulations? 

You can count on the IT professionals at ImageQuest to deliver the services you need most, including:

The customizable ImageQuest IT services offered to non-profits will fit your organization’s specific needs. Schedule a consultation with an IT, security, and compliance expert today so we can discover what services best suit you.

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Non-profits are NOT Immune to Hackers

Non-profit organizations should focus on what they do best-serving clients. But today’s cybersecurity environment is plagued with hackers focused on stealing anything from anyone they can. A non-profit organization is NOT immune.

Your IT team may feel run ragged trying to keep your systems operating and desktops up to date. Do you have someone looking at your non-profit’s IT and assessing whether it’s fully secure? If not, maybe it’s time to have ImageQuest look at your non-profit’s IT security.

What about your client data? Is your organization keeping up with regulatory privacy requirements? Is your service team fully trained in cybersecurity measures? What about your organization’s future needs? Will your non-profit’s IT compliance requirements be met?

Adding ImageQuest as your trusted non-profit IT support partner lets you focus on serving your clients. While our team strengthens and supports your IT needs, your IT team can focus on executing new initiatives and supporting day-to-day needs. Let us stabilize your non-profit’s IT, refine your IT budget, and reduce network vulnerabilities. Contact us today to learn more about how we can become your non-profit’s trusted IT partner.

Get Non-profit IT Support by Redirecting Budget Dollars

If your hodge-podge IT system was built as funds permitted, and it’s holding your organization back, ImageQuest can help. 

From reworking your technology stack to finding lost dollars in your budget, our team thrives on helping great organizations expand their capabilities through efficient, reliable IT. 

When you speak with our IT professionals, you can discover countless ways to create a manageable IT budget that provides a reliable network and all the security and compliance features you need.

The Importance of Non-profit IT Compliance

You have a lot of responsibility to protect the personal data your non-profit stores, and particular regulations apply to your industry. For instance, if you’re operating an educational institution, you must practice FERPA compliance. That’s just one example.

Get in touch with us to find out what regulations your non-profit is subject to. We’ll not only help you become and remain compliant, but we’ll also help you answer any regulator or auditor’s questions.

Case Study

Special Kids is a middle Tennessee non-profit serving special needs children and their families. Executives there turned to ImageQuest when problems developed with their aging equipment. The non-profit needed better technology to allow its therapists and others to work remotely and complete therapy sessions. Watch to learn what their experience has been with ImageQuest.


Non-Profit IT Support, with Solutions to Complex Problems

Your non-profit is one-of-a-kind. ImageQuest knows just how difficult it can be to find an IT partner who understands the security and compliance challenges that non-profits face. Add that to our willingness to listen to what makes your organization unique, and you’ll have everything your non-profit needs for seamless IT that operates in the background, fully supporting your exceptional work. 

Book a consult with an IT professional specializing in non-profit IT support, non-profit IT security, and non-profit IT compliance. Now is the best time to start making your non-profit a seamless, efficient operation-so you can do the most good.