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Mortgage Title Companies IT & Cybersecurity Compliance

Mortgage companies have a number of federal and state regulatory matters with which to comply. At times, it may seem difficult to keep it all under control. But when it comes to mortgage compliance, what you need to know is that you don’t have to go it alone. Compliance for mortgage companies encompasses more than following just the “letter of the law.” The way forward for mortgage companies is to follow the same level of compliance required for banks. That means conducting due diligence, assessing risk for fraud and identity theft,
and training employees in compliance matters.

ImageQuest is your premier technology services partner, providing comprehensive Managed IT, Compliance, and Cybersecurity services to clients in Tennessee, Kentucky and across the U.S. Our world-class team of savvy, experienced managers and engineers support your technology and help your organization thrive in a cyber-secure data environment.

Mortgage Title FAQ

IT & Cybersecurity Compliance

What is the NYDFS?

The NYDFS is cybersecurity regulation developed by the NY Department of Financial Services. It places cybersecurity compliance requirements for all covered financial institutions including mortgage companies. The rules were given out Feb. 16th of 2017 after feedback from the industry and general public. It includes 23 sections that outline the requirements for implementing and developing an effective cybersecurity program. This requires the companies covered by this law to assess their cybersecurity risks and to emplace plans to eliminate or mitigate the risks.


What is NPI

NPI is described by the law as “personally identifiable financial information” this covers data from loan applications, credit card data, banking data and credit report figures. Companies are required to safeguard this information.


What is NPI Compliance for Title Companies?

Federal and state laws require title companies to create a written cybersecurity program that lists the procedures they have in place to protect NPI (non-public personal information). The program must scale to the company’s size and complexity and must consider the nature and scope of the institution’s activities and the sensitivity of customer information they handle. The company should be able to evaluate and adjust its program depending on the circumstances, including widespread changes that affect the company’s business operations.




These are some of the most common compliance regulations
we help our clients navigate.



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