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Heard our presentation? Feeling some concern? Take our quiz to see how concerned you should be.

Thank you for listening to our presentation. We live in a scary era. Rogue nations and other criminals are out there, trying to penetrate our network systems. They’re studying us, scanning our online posts and network, using bots to test thousands of potential logins in the blink of an eye.

Below is a quick 15-question quiz you can take to see if your organization is on the right path to rebuff these efforts – or if some defenses need strengthening.

At the end of the quiz, we’ll give you a sense of where you stand. If we’ve increased your discomfort, we’re here to help. It doesn’t hurt to have a one-on-one chat to figure out what’s next.

And if you feel your team is doing all the right things, then we’re glad to reinforce your sense of relief. It doesn’t hurt to check.


Take the ImageQuest Questionnaire below:

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1. Has your organization completed a Security Risk Assessment?
2. Does your organization have a documented Disaster Recovery plan?
3. Does your organization periodically check to assure your data is being backed up and can be restored in the event of an incident?
4. Does your organization have an Incident Response Plan to follow in the event of a security breach?
5. Are all your team members required to go through security training?
6. Does your organization have an enforced acceptable use policy for your technology?
7. Are your team members using encryption-protected mobile devices when they take work out of the office?
8. Does your organization have a strict password policy requiring complexity, regular changes, and lock-out after too many attempts?
9. Does your organization have an off-site encrypted backup?
10. Does your organization have a Security Incident Response Plan?
11. Have you rehearsed your Security Incident Response Plan?
12. Is there a documented procedure for terminating a team member's access to your network?
13. Does your organization restrict access to the server room?
14. Do team members protect passwords and not share with others?
15. Are the organization's laptops encrypted to protect the data stored on them?