Date Comment
3/13/18 Your team was prompt in handling the issue and answering our questions!  thank you!
3/13/18 Great troubleshooting and follow-up! Thank you!
3/13/18 Thank You
3/13/18 Thank you for being quick
3/13/18 Thanks for overseeing!
3/13/18 Tamika is always helpful and pleasant to talk to.  Thanks, Tamika!
3/13/18 Quickly gave us exactly what we needed! Thank you.
3/12/18 Angie fixed the problem. She is great!
3/12/18 Wonderful assistance, thorough troubleshooting on a persistent Outlook problem. Thank you!
3/12/18 Brad was awesome of course.
3/12/18 Angela was extremely helpful, quick, knowledgeable and friendly throughout the entire process of getting my issue resolved. She also sent communication to the appropriate representatives at ImageQuest as well as Studio Bank for awareness of this issue as well as ongoing monitoring to insure that there are no further issues related to this occurrence. Once again, a consistent "wow" experience from the ImageQuest team! Have a great day!
 Ron Cox/Studio Bank
3/10/18 Excellent services as always.
3/9/18 Fast, easy, responsive. Great job! Thanks y'all.
3/9/18 Awesome response time! Thank you!
3/8/18 Prompt and professional
3/8/18 Just getting things cleaned up!!!!
3/7/18 Demarcus, you are brilliant and taught me something new! Thank you!!
3/7/18 Thanks D!
3/7/18 Awesome assistance removing a malicious email from company email accounts. Thank you for looking out for us!
3/6/18 Thank you, Tyler!
3/6/18 It was fast and addressed my exact need. Thanks!
3/6/18 Angie detailed solution.
3/6/18 Tomeka is wonderful!
3/6/18 Quick resolution on my Quickbooks issue-Thanks
3/5/18 Works perfect, thank you!
3/5/18 My experience was great because of Candace
3/5/18 Everything worked as planned!
 Thank you
3/4/18 Help on a Sunday!!
3/2/18 Response was quick.
3/1/18 All of y'all are wonderful thank you
3/1/18 DeMarcus is always professional and polite and gets the problem solved quickly.
3/1/18 Thank you! Josh was great as always and solved a printer problem we'd had in the past. Can I get the invoice for donated services?
3/1/18 She was friendly and efficient! Thanks for resolving my issue!
3/1/18 Angie was very helpful and professional in assisting me with Password reset.
2/28/18 This agent ALWAYS makes sure the problem has been solved!
2/28/18 Angie was very helpful and was able to resolve my email problem quickly.
2/28/18 Everything is back and running.
2/28/18 Thank you answering so promptly!
2/27/18 As per usual, Ms. Polk killed it for me! Great stuff
2/27/18 Always nice knowledgeable people!
2/27/18 thank you, Tameka!
2/27/18 My problem was handled quickly and successfully.
2/27/18 Angie was great - she quickly solved my issue and is always very helpful!
2/26/18 Tameka, and from what I understand, the entire team, helped get this issue resolved when no one else, including HP Service could! I would have NEVER figured out the issue as being an old Windows issue. It's a perfectly working printer, and a perfectly working computer, and so you helped save us from having to purchase new ones! Thank you again!
2/26/18 Fast and done right! Thanks!
2/26/18 Quick response to a group policy request. Thank you!
2/26/18 Always a great experience working with the team - thanks Demarcus!
2/26/18 I have no expertise on this but I'm sure Josh did a fine job!
2/26/18 Once the issue was found it was resolved in a timely manor.
2/23/18 Great job Angela and team. Appreciate the quick response to this ticket.
2/23/18 Very helpful information and conversation. Thank you!
2/22/18 Quick response time - great result!
2/22/18 Quick, easy solution
2/22/18 Timely. Thank you!
2/22/18 Gentleman always is cordial, professional and accurate. Always ask is there anything else I can help with.
2/22/18 Demarcus was professional and he had a positive attitude. He was diligent in solving the problem. I greatly appreciate his help!
2/21/18 Quickly identified an email attachment problem. Thank you!
2/21/18 I received quick, helpful information. Thank you!
2/21/18 Fast and efficient
2/20/18 Angie was very professional and courteous.
2/20/18 Thank you all for working so hard to make this new work station work!
2/20/18 My experience was great because Josh walked me through the new system before leaving.
2/19/18 Thanks for hanging in here for such a long time to complete the problem with software vendor!
2/19/18 Thanks!
2/16/18 Everyone was very helpful and did a great job!
2/16/18 Thank you, Tamika!
2/16/18 Good service
2/15/18 DeMarcus was friendly and listened and addressed the issues I was having and also set up our emails as timely as possible. Great expereince!
2/15/18 My experience was Great because Tamika knows what to do, and how to put me back to work Quickly!!!
2/12/18 Thank you, Steven
2/12/18 quick resolution. Thank you!
2/12/18 Angela was wonderful and very thorough
2/12/18 Tamika is always so helpful. Thank you, Tamika!
2/9/18 Stephen was a great help today. Thanks!
2/9/18 DeMarcus was extremely courteous, patient, knowledgeable and quick to get the job done.
2/8/18 TPolk was great and she got the job done quickly and was so pleasant to talk to on the phone.  You need to pay her good, my day had not been going to well and she got me in a much better mood with her kindness and just the sound of her voice.  Thanks, Rhonda
2/8/18 Tamika fixed the alias quickly and correctly, thank you!
2/7/18 Thank you!
2/7/18 Very  helpful and quick resolution to my computer issue!
2/7/18 Yea - it's finally working again on my laptop!
2/7/18 quick response!
2/6/18 Thank you, DeMarcus!
2/6/18 DeMarcus was a huge help!  Thank you!!
2/6/18 My issue was resolved quickly and completely.
2/6/18 Thank you, DeMarcus for the help.  Always appreciate your help!
2/6/18 description that the account was fake; I like it when it is explained why the account was blocked, not just the fact that the account was blocked.
2/6/18 Friendly customer service and knowledgeable regarding the question I had.
2/6/18 Lee and Jay came in to help us with the moves. It went smoothly-Thanks
2/6/18 Because of you, my experience was GREAT
2/5/18 Everyone one is so polite!!
2/5/18 Brad is so smart and patient too!  Thank you!
2/5/18 Fast Service!!!!
2/5/18 fast and efficient!
2/2/18 Thank you Demarcus!
2/1/18 ImageQest is Just the Best!
2/1/18 SO QUICK!!!
1/31/18 Always grateful for your help!!!! Thank you!
1/31/18 Demarcus resolved my issue! Thank you
1/31/18 So fast!
1/30/18 Thanks Tamika! Everything is there and working properly!!
1/30/18 My technician was very helpful in fixing my issues. She implemented many solutions to troubleshoot the root of the issue. Her instructions were clear and I was able to participate in helping her solve the problems with my PC.
1/30/18 Because Image Quest knows their Stuff!! I was in Panic mode when I notified Image Quest 1/29/18. My server went berserk 1-27-18, and I did not know what to do. Monday morning T talked with Stephen (Image Quest). He did not panic and stayed in control mode. I had a melt down. He assured me it will be ok.
It was Ok. He recovered my documents, and stayed calm thru out my issues.
Thank you Stephen !
1/30/18 Quick, effective help. Thank you!
1/29/18 DeMarcus is incredibly patient and helpful with any IT Help Desk request. Today he fixed an issue for me that he has fixed in the past. He was kind, competent and kept me informed of what he was doing throughout the call. I can't say enough good things about DeMarcus...he is outstanding!
1/29/18 DeMarcus was very helpful!
1/26/18 As always, quick, and kind service! 🙂
1/26/18 My technician works quickly and fixed my problem completely!
1/26/18 As usual, the problem was quickly resolved.
1/26/18 Quick assistance with a group policy request. Thank you!
1/25/18 Demarcus always makes us feel like his number one customer - simply terrific customer service experience!
1/25/18 Handled very quick
1/24/18 Great service!
1/24/18 Thank you!!!
1/24/18 Tamika is amazing; kind, full of knowledge and patient with my lack of IT experience. She is an asset, keep her around for a long time!

Thank you! Amanda Young Foundation Title
1/24/18 Good Job Tamika! Thank you !!
1/24/18 Quick, helpful response to provide requested information. Thank you!
1/24/18 ImageQuest persisted in working with us and R.J. Young to identify a problem that was difficult to diagnose. You spent considerable time on this issue, and we greatly appreciate your expertise! Thank you!
1/23/18 Quick assistance, and helpful information. Thank you!
1/23/18 Thank you for working until it was resolved.
1/23/18 Always fast and easy ! Thank you!
1/23/18 I received timely, helpful clarification regarding wireless networks. Thank you!
1/23/18 Quick response that fixed my issue. Thank you.
1/23/18 Resolved my issue quickly and with a great attitude. Much appreciated.
1/23/18 My issue has been resolved
1/22/18 Demarcus  resolved the connection issue immediately!
 I appreciate his assistance.
1/22/18 Quickly addressed a security concern and determined there is no threat. Thank you!
1/22/18 ImageQuest really saved the day on this one. Thank you!
1/22/18 Angie took the time to be very thorough in understanding this issue and finding resolution. She was very friendly and professional throughout the process. Another great experience from the ImageQuest team....THANK YOU!!
 Ron Cox
 Studio Bank
1/19/18 Quick, helpful information was provided. Thank you!
1/19/18 Real time response, courteous and very professional. My issue was resolved in less than 15 minutes.
 Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1/19/18 Thanks for having the server back online so quick!
1/19/18 Tameka is not only good at finding the issues and completing, but also very nice... 🙂  Always a pleasure
1/18/18 great!
1/18/18 my problem was easily fixed over the phone and within 15 minutes-- Brielea
1/18/18 Always a pleasure to be able to get my questions answered quickly and accurately!  Thank you!
1/18/18 I received a very quick answer to problem of windows updating, then undoing updates and appearing to be "stuck".
1/17/18 Very professional and knowledgeable
1/17/18 Handled efficiently and I was walked thru everything quickly. Thank you!