Date Comment
3/11/19 My tech was super nice!
3/11/19 Thank you for your help. It's been a real nightmare this tax season.GOOD JOB
3/11/19 As usual, great response from Milton.
3/8/19 As always, the "cleaning crew" cleaned my problems up. Many thanks for the great assistance!
3/8/19 Davis was very efficient in taking care of my issue.
3/8/19 resolved quickly
3/8/19 Eric was very patience with my issue and he was very polite.
3/7/19 Great work. Thank you so much Demarcus!
3/6/19 My experience was great because Eric helped me recover a document that disappeared.  I was going to have to go back to client for a signature. 
 Please acknowledge ERIC he is AWESOME!
3/6/19 Taken care of very quickly. Thanks!
3/5/2019Working perfectly, thanks!!
3/5/2019Excellent Andrew!
3/4/2019Thank you to Davis, Brad and anyone else involved in solving this issue in such a quick manner.
3/4/2019Perfect, thanks Stephen!
3/4/2019Thanks Damian!
3/4/2019Damian was nice and very patient with me.
3/2/2019You were quick to respond. You understood exactly what my problem was and fixed it!
3/1/2019I'm sure you did fine if the backup is occurring. Thanks!
3/1/2019Davis is awesome! He installed 4 different software aps that I needed, and addressed 3 or 4 other issues for me. He also followed up with me today as he said he would earlier in the week. I was very impressed by the amount of work he accomplished in less than 1.5 hours. I stay very, very busy, so I appreciate how efficient he was. I could tell he is very knowledgeable about what he is doing. Thanks Davis!
3/1/2019Immediate response. Excellent service
3/1/2019Always responsive. I don't give you all enough thanks.
3/1/2019Davis did a great job in following up with this repair
2/28/2019Damian was very easy to work with and got me fixed up!
2/28/2019Problem was fixed
2/28/2019My experience was great because it was resolved very quickly! Thanks a bunch!
2/26/2019Thanks for bailing me out again. I've lost at least 3 days of work but this solution puts me back in business
2/26/2019Davis & Angela worked with me & walked me through step by step until the problem was corrected!!! Thank you!!!!!
2/26/2019The Support of Mr. Burgess.
2/26/2019Quick response
2/25/2019My experience was great because I got a very fast response rate.
2/25/ always!!!
2/25/2019Great experience as always
2/25/2019Request complete quickly.
2/22/2019Thanks Erick, these hackers are bonkers!!
2/21/19"DeMarcus resolved my printer problems and I am very thankful! Kim"
2/21/19"Fast and courteous service. Right on!"
2/20/19Thanks Demarcus!
2/20/19Excellence in service. Many Thanks!
2/20/19Y'all are awesome!!!
2/20/19Thanks for preventing future heartache Angie!!
2/20/19Fast, easy, no extra input needed.
2/20/19Stephen resolved the problem quickly and kindly!
2/20/19Quick and easy resolution
2/19/19"As always, polite, professional, knowledgeable customer service. Thank you!!!"
2/19/19It was resolved quickly.
2/19/19Excellent Demarcus!! Thank you!
2/18/19Thanks, DeMarcus! It helps that you can work on this while I am doing other things away from my computer. It's behaving now!
2/14/19Thank you for the consistent communication and updates!!!
2/14/19"Damian was so helpful and very professional. He helped with my problem right away."
2/14/19"Mr. Davis is great because he corrected the issue with my computer!!! Thanks."
2/13/19Helpful, courteous and efficient.
2/12/19Everyone tried to help us to respond quickly to our needs. My research was going to require more than a week.
2/12/19Quick and smooth Thanks
2/12/19Thanks for resolution Steve!
2/11/19 Fast and efficient service.
2/8/19 My experience was great because of Davis!
2/8/19 Davis I appreciate your help. A little disappointed that it took so long to figure out it was the battery backup that was source of problem.  That's not a reflection on you.   Thanks again!
2/7/19 Quick response and friendly attitude
2/7/19 Fast resolution.
2/7/19 Quick fix.  Quick response.
2/7/19 A great help in the time of need. Thanks for being so prompt in getting the job done.
2/6/19 Eric!
2/5/19 Issue was resolved in a timely manner.
2/5/19 10 Smiley faces to Erick! Thank you!!
2/5/19 thanks
2/5/19 You started working on the problem as soon as I called and fixed the problem as fast as possible.
2/4/19 My experience was great because the problem was addressed and fixed immediately.
2/4/19 Fast and efficient service.
2/1/19 It was time sensitive and they made sure to get back with me before end of day and got the situation taken care of.
2/1/19 The ticket was handled in a timely manner and the Technician was knowledgeable about the issue.
1/31/19 its working Thank you
1/31/19 Davis fixed, what I had no idea on what to do. Davis you are Great!!!! Thanks!!! Image Quest Crew Rocks!!!
1/31/19 The team member was courteous, professional, and most of all, he took care of my issue quickly. THANK YOU!
1/31/19 Super fast!
1/31/19 Josh and Matt provided valuable information and insight during our phone call with RJ Young. Thank you!
1/31/19 Because I was in a crunch to get new check printer set up so I could print checks for closing this morning! You came thru and got it done for me!! Thanks sooo much!
1/30/19 was so amazing! he helped out so much! This is the best experience I have had since working with the company.
1/30/19 Thanks Damian!
1/30/19 Thanks Erick!
1/30/19 Thanks again Erick!
1/30/19 Thank you!
1/30/19 very fast
1/30/19 Quick, effective help setting up an eFax account. Thank you!
1/30/19 Quick, effective help setting up an eFax account. Thank you!
1/29/19 Erick was great even though I told him we love DeMarcus LOL.
1/29/19 Thanks Demarcus!!
1/29/19 Access to our website through the host was granted in a timely manner and with the proper security protocols. I continue to be so impressed with the level of customer service WC receives from ImageQuest!
1/29/19 Fixed very quickly!
1/29/19 Understood the issue, and got it resolved. And showed me how to fix the issue in the event it pops up again.
1/29/19 It is still popping up but I feel better knowing it is ok.
1/28/19 Issue resolved! Thanks!
1/28/19 Perfect Brad, thanks!!
1/28/19 helpful 🙂
1/28/19 Thanks!
1/25/19 Imagequest gave excellent service as always! Thanks
1/25/19 Prompt response and issue was fixed immediately. Thank you!
1/24/19 Quickly adjusted our team settings in ticket board. Thank you!
1/24/19 Its always great when you have Demarcus handling your requests!!
1/24/19 Very Helpful and issue seems to have been resolved. Thanks!
1/23/19 Thank you
1/23/19 Because Mr. A. Shannon knows what to Do! Thanks
1/23/19 That was fast and efficient work.
1/23/19 Eric Burgess is a Rock Star!!!!! I have dealt with him on a number of occasions now and he is always great!
1/23/19 Quick and correct! Thanks Erick!
1/22/19 Demarcus is the BOMB!
1/22/19 DeMarcus is the BEST!!!!
1/22/19 Timely resolution - thanks so much!
1/22/19 You guys got our network back up in about 20 minutes. Great Job.
1/22/19 Thanks Erick!
1/22/19 Thank you for your response to my question.
1/22/19 resolved quickly thank you
1/22/19 Damian responded to my inquiry quickly.
1/22/19 Thanks Demarcus! Have a great Tuesday!!
1/21/19 I received timely response and assistance.
1/18/19 quick and done right
1/18/19 Eric is always very easy to work with and is very diligent.
1/18/19 Because you are good!
1/18/19 You guys did great - Windstream did not. Have a great Friday over there!!
1/18/19 Mark is wonderful!!!
1/18/19 Demarcus made me feel calm and confident that this issue would be fixed.
1/17/19 thank you!
1/17/19 Demarcus worked with me until my problem was solved. He was very patient and persistent.
1/17/19 Quick, effective response. Thank you!
1/16/19 Quick action and explanation in response to our request. Thank you!
1/16/19 Checked out my emails and really didn't find anything. May have just been a temporary glitch where I was getting duplicate emails. Have not been getting them now!
1/15/19 Thanks for fixing the problem! 🙂