Date Comment
9/6/18 Great experience with Damien. He had the issues resolved as quickly as possible and there was no run around. Very pleased!
9/6/18 Just good, Thanks
9/5/18 Eric made it work! So happy! Thanks Eric. Victoria
9/4/18 quick and fixed the problem
9/4/18 Thanks Josh for helping get this repair done so quickly today! We really appreciate a great start to our week like this.
9/4/18 Very quick solution! I had tried restarting prior to calling but it did not help.
9/4/18 great!!
8/31/18 Quick, effective solution to my request. Thank you!
8/30/18 Everything was fixed. Thank you!
8/30/18 I got a call from Eric within 10 minutes of sending my request and he told me how I can resolve the issue on my own.
8/29/18 Andrew is always very helpful!
8/29/18 He stuck with it until we figured out what was happening. Very patient and explained what to do extremely well! Thanks
8/29/18 Followed through to set up new personnel to use ticket board. Thank you!
8/29/18 fast turn around time
8/29/18 Fast fix
8/28/18 Andrew has been so helpful and patient! I appreciate him and all of you guys! Laura
8/27/18 I was able to resolve the issue myself after I left a message. The Help Desk was very diligent in following up and wanted to ensure the issue had been resolved.
8/27/18 Called to confirm all was corrected
8/27/18 Thanks Erick!!
8/27/18 thank you!
8/24/18 The person who helped me was patient and wanted to help me. I did not feel like a burden. My issue was actually nothing to be concerned about but he didn't mind.
8/23/18 Thanks for helping me understand how things work Demarcus!!
8/23/18 Explanatory and efficient as usual Erick, thanks!
8/23/18 He checked back to see if my issue had been resolved regarding a separate matter. Was able to get my other laptop working. Appreciate it!
8/23/18 All is good - thanks! Beth
8/23/18 Quick response Thanks, George
8/22/18 3 green smilies for Damian and Angie!
8/22/18 Andrew is over the top polite, knowledgeable, and patient!
8/22/18 Quick, effective help. Thank you!
8/22/18 Demarcus stuck with it until he got it to work for me from home. It is EXTREMELY slow working in it from home though. Not sure why.
8/22/18 Stephen fixed what I could not. Thanks !!!
8/22/18 My problem was resolved promptly and I received great communication throughout the process.
8/21/18 Thank you!!!!
8/21/18 Excellent service as always.
8/21/18 Thank you for the quick response to my email issue!
8/21/18 DeMarcus is our FAVORITE!!!
8/21/18 My issue was quickly resolved. Thank you!
8/21/18 They got my computer up and running quickly.
8/21/18 Quickly resolved
8/20/18 Thank you for your quick response to my computer issue!
8/20/18 Thank you for restoring my email access!
8/20/18 Thank you for the quick response on adding VPN to my laptop!
8/20/18 Eric was very patient with me and resolved the issue quickly! Thanks Eric!!
8/17/18 Image Quest employees are always very polite and personable!
8/17/18 Thanks ImageQuest Help Desk Team!
8/17/18 Thanks for giving it your best shot!
8/16/18 Thanks Angie
8/16/18 Thanks so much for making our clients last minute request possible! You guys are awesome!
8/16/18 Quick response time!
8/16/18 Representative was very patient and continued to work on the issue until resolved.
8/15/18 Speedy excellent right the first time service!! Thanks Erick!
8/14/18 Andrew took his time and looked at everything to make sure it was working correctly before he ended the session.
8/14/18 Fixed issue right away! Thanks
8/14/18 Always quick, knowledgable and friendly!
8/13/18 quick
8/13/18 Andrew always works on my computer and resolves my issues thank you
8/10/18 Thank you Demarcus!!
8/10/18 The knowledge of D. Marcus. He Fixed what was broken. Thanks!!!
8/10/18 Love you guys. Always so friendly and get the job done.
8/10/18 Thank you for assisting me with spam emails I am receiving from Rob Boyd at various email addresses. I appreciate your firm being proactive on this!
8/10/18 Andrew is great to work with!! He is very pleasant and polite and did not get annoyed or aggravated when I was unsure of how to respond to his questions. He kept me updated and did not tie up my time trying to resolve the problem. Thanks so much, Andrew!! you are AWESOME!!
8/10/18 That was fast!
8/9/18 Andrew is always kind and helpful
8/9/18 Well done, thank you!
8/9/18 Andrew was able to get me back up and running quickly.
8/9/18 Fast, excellent response - thanks!
8/8/18 Because Andrew Shannon did not give up until he had resolved the issue.
8/8/18 The issue was fixed!
8/8/18 I got done what I needed in about 4 minutes.  Great job Demarcus
8/7/18 Thanks DeMarcus!  You rock!
8/7/18 Eric helped resolve the issue and got me up and running.  He was great!
8/7/18 My experience was very good because it was handled quickly.
8/7/18 Thanks for the persistence!
8/7/18 Excellent customer service, fast response - thanks all!
8/7/18 Thank you so much Antonio!
8/6/18 Andrew was very helpful and knowledgeable.  He was polite and conscientious of my time while downloading my printer as the default printer so I can work from home.  He also listened and gathered the information he needed from me before starting anything. 
 Perfect example of ImageQuest Help Desk putting customer service first. 🙂 Very pleased.
8/6/18 Quick, easy and done!
8/6/18 Thanks Damian!
8/6/18 So helpful & patient with my situation. He went above & beyond to help me today. I appreciate your assistance!
8/6/18 The problem was fixed!
8/2/18 Timely response to the highly sensitive and critical issue of an attempt at hacking through a few fraudulent emails.
 Well done!
 Ron Cox/Studio Bank
8/2/18 Delightfully quick. Thanks!
8/2/18 You all are awesome - thanks Andrew!
8/2/18 Erick followed up in the morning after sending the email yesterday afternoon and he resolved the issue quickly. Thank you!
8/1/18 Helpful and attentive tech
8/1/18 Andrew is always a pleasure to work with, he will make sure that the problem you are having is resolved.
8/1/18 Every time I have spoken with a  service tech with ImageQuest, the ALL have been extremely nice & helpful. It is a pleasure talking with them.
7/31/18 I'm sure you did the best you could.
7/31/18 Thank you for the quick resolution!
7/30/18 Addressed this ticket and another ticket on the same call.  Killed two birds.  Thanks!
7/27/18 Andrew was extremely helpful and was willing to do what was needed to correct this issue.
7/26/18 Quickly resolved the issue.  Thanks................
7/26/18 Thanks Eric & Angie!!!
7/25/18 Anthony had so much patience with me and the problem with my computer.  I always hate having to call support but love the patience and drive the imagequest team has to solve my problems.  Thank you.
7/25/18 Fast, Friendly service. Thank you Angie!
7/25/18 Demarcus  was always!! Thanks for your help!
7/25/18 I have said it before and I will say it again.  Demarcus is the best.  He got me fixed up in about 5 minutes.  You really should give him the afternoon off sometime!!!!!!!
7/24/18 Stephen was awesome!!!!
7/24/18 Quick, informative response to a network alert. Thank you!
7/24/18 Andrew quickly resolved my problem and was very nice to work with me.
7/23/18 I was helped in a timely, efficient manner and the problem was resolved.
7/23/18 I actually got them on the first call.  was impressed
7/23/18 Thanks Andrew!  Have a great Monday!
7/20/18 Demarcus was great at understanding and deciphering my non-technical jargon when trying to explain my issues.  He understood the importance of finding a solution as quickly as possible and diligently worked until he did.  Give Demarcus a raise! My Mac put him through it!
7/20/18 Appreciated help and patience. 🙂
7/20/18 did everything I needed always a great experience
7/20/18 Thank you Eric!!
7/19/18 Great & quick service. A Shannon was extremely helpful & informative. He was a pleasure.
7/19/18 Andrew was very helpful and fixed my issues.
7/19/18 Great follow-through on this task.
7/18/18 They cleared up my issue as well as ran additional scans to make sure I did not have any viruses.
7/18/18 Andrew kept at it until he figured it out and got it to work continuously.  Thank you!
7/18/18 Thank you for your quick response to the number of spam emails I have been having.
7/18/18 Liked the speed of response and quick follow up. Thanks
7/18/18 It was done quickly. Thank you.
7/17/18 prompt.  persistent. polilte
7/17/18 Andrew was a delight!!!
7/16/18 Thanks Super Stephen!
7/16/18 You were able to answer my questions.
7/16/18 Eric was very helpful!
7/16/18 Hallelujah!  Thanks again Angie.
7/16/18 Thank you Angie for your diligent attention for this issue!!!
7/16/18 Fantastic follow-through communication about a minor but strange issue. Thank you!
7/13/18 The ImageQuest Help Desk Team has been very helpful handling the many spam emails I have been receiving. I appreciate it!
7/13/18 Thanks!
7/13/18 Fixed email very quickly and before we closed at noon.  Fantastic!!!
7/13/18 I appreciate the assistance with a spam email I received!
7/12/18 Angie resolved my issue.  She is always friendly and very professional when I call in with a problem.
7/12/18 Thanks Andrew!
7/12/18 Most patient with following through on the request as well as making sure I knew how to use the VPN connection. Professional, respectful and kind.
7/12/18 Fast, friendly and solved my problem.  Thank you!
7/12/18 He tried hard to get it to work wireless but was unsuccessful.  We had to ethernet cable it, but it is working! Stuck with me to the end! Thanks!
7/11/18 Thanks to Demarcus for his help regarding the spam email I received.
7/11/18 Demarcus was very helpful as usual. Thank you!
7/11/18 Very quick.  Thanks.
7/11/18 Great, thanks Angie!