Date Comment
11/13/18Thx Stephen for fettibg it done stevens of day yesterday! I appreciate you!
11/13/18Image quest always fixes it quick
11/12/18Very good. Thank you Mark!
11/12/18It was fast and easy.
11/9/18quick turn around
11/9/18It worked ! Thanks
11/9/18The issue was resolved quickly and agent was polite and professional.
11/9/18Thanks Demarcus!
11/8/18"As is always the case, there was a quick response by the ImageQuest team to have the issue researched and taken care of. Thank you! Ron Cox"
11/8/18Thanks Erick! Almost Friday guys 😉
11/7/18"I knew it was something simple from the first attempt and today we got it figured out! Also, for future reference my crazy last name is McStoots. Thank you very much for all the patience and help!!"
11/7/18Erick is Awesome - as everyone else at ImageQuest!
11/7/18My experience was good because my problem was resolved during the phone call and I was not belittled for how small the problem was.
11/7/18It worked! Thanks Demarcus.
11/7/18Whoop Whoop!! Thanks Demarcus!
11/7/18Excellent, thanks Angie!!
11/7/18Quick and efficient response.
11/7/18Stephen Bratcher was great to work with. He is very knowledgeable, efficient, helpful, nice, and best of all..he fixed everything and got all of my files back within no time!
11/6/18Thanks DeMarcus
11/5/18Glad to be back up and working. ;0
11/2/18Quickly resolved our issue. Thank you!
11/2/18Demarcus Brown was helpful as always. Thanks for the fix. Works great today.
11/2/18Matter was resolved in a very timely manner and followed up to make sure I was not having any issues the following day.
11/1/18Thank you for your concern regarding the spam email I received and ensuring that I change my outlook password.
11/1/18The issue was solved in a timely manner.
11/1/18Damian saved the day! Thanks!
11/1/18Quick response to our inquiry. Thank you!
11/1/18Thank you for the speedy accurate service Erick!!
10/31/18Very fast response!
10/31/18Damarcus is great to work with. He is polite, professional and always able to fix the problem.
10/31/18The technician was very nice and took care of me in a prompt manner
10/30/18Tech was helpful
10/29/18the problem was solved.
10/29/18I appreciate the quick response from ImageQuest regarding the email seeking bitcoin to unlock my email, which I learned was not true. Thank you!
10/29/18Thanks Eric! Can't be too careful these days! Beth
10/26/18Demarcus was great! he helped fix the problem and stuck with it even when we hit many problems. Very satisfied! Thank you!
10/25/18Done well and fast
10/24/18Josh was very helpful and came to the building to disconnect the equipment for return.
10/24/18Solved issue in just a few minutes.
10/24/18Erick was patient, humorous and helpful.
10/24/18Eric is always great to work with! Thank you!
10/23/18Thanks Demarcus!!
10/23/18DeMarcus is always polite and solves the problem everytime.
10/23/18Erick resolved my issue quickly & was very pleasant to work with.
10/23/18Experience good. Time to get back after ticket sent not good.
10/23/18Fixed it quick! Thanks Josh!!
10/23/18good fast service
10/22/18Damian is the bomb!!
10/22/18Thanks Damian!
10/22/18Erick did a great job. He solved our issue and was fun to work with. Thank you ImageQuest for your awesome customer service!
10/22/18Eric took the time to explain to me all the relevant information that I should know and answered all my questions.
10/22/18Friendly and prompt!
10/19/18Prompt, efficient assistance and recommendations. Thank you!
10/19/18Service was fast and complete as usual
10/18/18My experience was great because he was very kind and so helpful !
10/18/18Eric is AWESOME!
10/17/18Quick turn around!
10/17/18Saved me a lot of "figuring out" how to do conference calls. Thanks!
10/17/18DeMarcus is alwasy helpful and super friendly!
10/17/18Quick Response.
10/17/18It did not take very long and they were very professional.
10/17/18Eric is always great!
10/17/18Stephen was patient and consistent trying to reach out to the user. Thank you 🙂
10/16/18 Thanks for the extra tips!
10/16/18 thank you for fixing my computer in a timely fashion
10/15/18 Thanks!
10/15/18 It was fast and efficient
10/12/18 Thanks Erick!
10/12/18 Erick was great and did all he could do on this end to assist with a problem.
10/12/18 Damien was very polite and easy to work with. He got me connected very quickly,
10/12/18 Just helpful
10/11/18 ERIK got me fixed up very quickly.
10/11/18 Excellent customer service, diligence to solve the problem, and completed ticket request!
10/11/18 GREAT!!
10/11/18 Thank You Eric for your Knowledge!!! You put me back to work!!!
10/10/18 Damon is on top of it!! Go Damon!!
10/10/18 Great response time, and Eric was extremely helpful.
10/10/18 It is always a pleasure to work with DeMarcus, he always makes the entire IT experience better.  No one enjoys having problems with their computer, but having a happy voice on the other end makes it so much better. Thank you DeMarcus for always being a happy upbeat person.
10/10/18 Completed my ticket accurately and timely!
10/10/18 Thank you for assisting me with the questionable email. I appreciate it!
10/10/18 Quickly enabled email archiving/ingestion on several mailboxes. Thank you! The fast response is much appreciated.
10/9/18 Thank you for your prompt response! Great job.
10/8/18 Quick response to need. Thank you !
10/8/18 Very prompt in solving the issue.
10/8/18 Todd went abpove and beyond on Friday night. Much appreciated.
10/5/18 Excellent - thanks!
10/5/18 We were able to get my ezcapture software to work!
10/4/18 Good news is nothing got corrupted and I get blamed.  Haha.   Thanks ImageQuest!
10/4/18 Eric was very helpful and even followed up to see if my issue was resolved.
10/3/18 Thanks for being there and walking me through fixing this!!!!!
10/3/18 Eric was super helpful as always and explained everything as he went along.
10/3/18 Quick response.
10/2/18 Speed is always appreciated.
10/2/18 I assume you did fine.  Moving the Juris database was the big thing that made a difference.  I replied back last week to your email, asking what folders had been removed and who requested they be removed, but no one answered my email.
10/1/18 Thanks DeMarcus
10/1/18 Thank you
10/1/18 He made it work again! üòÉ
10/1/18 IQ solved my problem!!!!!
10/1/18 Got the job done quickly and was very helpful!
9/27/18 Todd was a pleasure to work with. Great customer service!
9/27/18 Beautiful Erick, thanks!!
9/27/18 Was handled quickly and we were back up and running.
9/26/18 Spot on Erick!  Thanks!
9/26/18 Erick fixed it, so I'm happy!
9/26/18 Erik was very respectful of my dumb#** move by clicking on an attachment from someone I didn't know, ran the scan and assured me everything was going to be good because anything that might have been left on my computer by my dumb#** move would be eliminated through the scan.  So he handled both my technical and emotional issues professionally!
9/26/18 Thanks!
9/26/18 The tech was kind.
9/26/18 taken care of fast
9/25/18the issue was resolved quickley
9/24/18Always good!
9/24/18Damien is always great! Thanks for the help and getting everything in order.
9/24/18I spoke with someone on my first attempt to call, and he was able to get our server up and running while we were on the phone. Problem resolved right away. Yay! (Also critical since it was our scheduling software server, without which we cannot actually do anything!)
9/24/18Thorough follow-through with vendor to resolve issue. Thank you!
9/21/18Fast turn-around!
9/21/18Setup perfect the first time, thanks!
9/19/18Todd was in and out and moved the check printer for us too. 🙂
9/19/18Angie is ALWAYS kind and patient with me and explains things well. Thank you!!
9/17/18very prompt
9/17/18Damian's the man!!
9/17/18Very Quick- Thanks Damian King
9/17/18Thanks Damian for resolving so quickly!
9/14/18I received quick, responsive assistance. Thank you!
9/14/18Thanks Stephen!!!
9/14/18Thanks Josh ~!!
9/14/18Image Quest computer tech showed concern, and tried to help. Writer had to go to a meeting.
9/14/18Thank you
9/12/18Fast, reliable and terrific customer service - thank you!
9/12/18Solved my problem quickly!
9/11/18Damien was very helpful and resolved my password issue promptly!
9/11/18quickly resolved.. thank you!
9/10/18Thank you
9/6/18 Great experience with Damien. He had the issues resolved as quickly as possible and there was no run around. Very pleased!
9/6/18 Just good, Thanks
9/5/18 Eric made it work! So happy! Thanks Eric. Victoria
9/4/18 quick and fixed the problem
9/4/18 Thanks Josh for helping get this repair done so quickly today! We really appreciate a great start to our week like this.