Date Comment
8/15/17 My issue was corrected fast
8/14/17 Problem was effectively and efficiently handled. I was VERY IMPRESSED that DeMarcus followed up with me on Monday morning to ensure that user had gained access to email account!
8/14/17 Demarcus is the best! He tries absolutely everything and is so patient. I appreciate all of his help.
8/14/17 Ken with RJ Young said Thank you
8/14/17 Thank you 🙂 Fast response
8/14/17 The service rep was A+ in all respects. Very friendly, courteous and professional. Thanks.
8/11/17 Always responsive
8/11/17 Tamika Polk an the entire staff are extremely professional and always prompt to assist me with my technical needs. Thank you!!!
8/11/17 This is a huge help for our warehouse staff, especially for the night crew. Thank you for you help fixing their problem with the shipping application!
8/11/17 Friendly fast and fixed.
8/11/17 My issue was resolved within just a few minutes.
8/10/17 I like working with you guys. I like the prompt service and friendly workers.
8/10/17 this was a duplicate user
8/10/17 DeMarcus is absolutely wonderful as usual!!!
8/10/17 Thanks Tamika!
8/9/17 Tameka is always helpful!
8/9/17 Mr. Brown got my email back up and running.
8/9/17 Efficient resolution
8/9/17 The lady was the greatest to work with
8/9/17 My IT Support Professional was very friendly, knowledgeable, quick, and efficient. But most of all, my problem was easily and quickly resolved!
8/8/17 Demarcus is awesome! He's been my Image Quest "go-to-guy" since I began working for Premier. He's always friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. Thanks for providing great service Demarcus! Until next time...
8/7/17 🙂 🙂 🙂 Got Connected!!!!
8/7/17 My experience was great because Angie helped me!
8/7/17 Ability to reach a technician quickly, and quick results.
8/4/17 I appreciate the great help and clear information regarding setup of an eFax account. Thank you!
8/4/17 She helped me resolve my issue very quickly and was extremely friendly and nice! Thank you!
8/4/17 quick service with great attitudes and smiles- thank you!!!
8/4/17 It was done in a short amount of time!
8/4/17 Ability to reach a technician quickly, and quick results.
8/4/17 My experience was great because Angie helped me!
8/4/17 🙂 🙂 🙂 Got Connected!!!!
8/2/17 Got me working very efficiently!
8/2/17 ImageQuest continues to provide outstanding service. Tamika is excellent to work with! Thanks!!!
8/1/17 Thanks D!
7/31/17 Angie was very helpful in solving my VPN speed issues. She also had information to help avoid the problem in the future.
7/31/17 Ms. Polk is highly knowledgeable, professional and courteous.  It was a pleasure working with her.
7/31/17 Tyler was very fast and got my computer up and running. He understood the problem.
7/31/17 Promptly helped me !
7/31/17 Quick and correct, love it!
7/31/17 Demarcus is wonderful and always complete's the job.
7/28/17 Because Tamika took great care of the situation and got it back to me very timely!  Thank you!
7/28/17 Tamika is seriously amazing! We have been trying to get this to work for the last year. She made it happen! 🙂
7/28/17 Tamika was amazing! She went above and beyond!!!
7/28/17 Kim was very helpful!
7/27/17 Fast! Excellent! Thanks!
7/27/17 Angie was helpful.  Thanks!
7/26/17 Very consistent, positive experience! There is always immediate access to a knowledgeable representative, very quick diagnosis of the issue, proactive follow up, and ultimate resolution of the issue. All of this specific problem was handled in an extremely friendly and professional manner. FANTASTIC experience from multiple people involved in fixing my problem .....THANK YOU!!! Ron Cox, SFH Pursuit Company
7/26/17 Offered thorough, helpful advice and suggestions. Thank you!
7/25/17 I received extremely helpful information. Thank you!
7/25/17 Fast and easy solution
7/25/17 You guys are just good!  Thanks for your help and consistent patience!
7/24/17 Issues was resolved promptly! Thanks!
7/24/17 Excellent - quick, effective solution. Thank you!
7/24/17 I don't remember her name, but the young lady that answered my call was super friendly and helpful, and didn't even make me feel like the big dummy I am for letting my password expire. =D Kudos.
7/24/17 Thanks, Tyler.
7/24/17 It was fast😀
7/24/17 problem fixed easily and pleasant helper!
7/24/17 Ticket was responded to and resolved very quickly.
7/21/17 quick response by Tamika
7/21/17 Tamika and Demarcus are amazing!
7/21/17 Prompt, professional assistance got me up and running remotely. Thank you!
7/21/17 Demarcus answered my question quickly and in a friendly, professional manner.
7/20/17 That was really quick.  Thanks!!!!!
7/20/17 Thank you for your help.
7/19/17 Tech was knowledgeable, efficient and pleasant.
 Good customer service - which is hard to find these days
 Thank you !
7/18/17 Always a pleasure to work with ImageQuest team. DeMarcus is awesome. Thank you all!
7/18/17 The problem was identified and fixed quickly.    The It person was pleasant!
7/18/17 Josh is always one to call on for help. Thanks!
7/17/17 Same day service!!
7/17/17 Gentleman knew exactly what was needed and rectified immediately. Thank you!
7/17/17 My problem was resolved quickly and the representative was very professional and courteous. Image Quest has the best customer service!
7/14/17 Help desk responded quickly!
7/14/17 I expected to open a ticket, but I was able to get it fixed on the same call thank you!
7/13/17 Thanks Tyler, perfect info!
7/13/17 This was lightening fast and exactly correct!  Thank you!
7/13/17 quick response and a delight on the phone
7/13/17 The problem was solved in a timely manner.
7/12/17 Josh, Thank you SO much, you are ever so kind to help me with that. You are superior as always!
7/12/17 Tamika was delightful in the area of customer service, as well as expertise in the issues.
7/12/17 It was quick and the person I worked with was efficient, polite, and very helpful. Great experience!
7/11/17 you did all the work
7/10/17 Thanks Candice, got it figured out!
7/10/17 Steven is fantastic, he is so very patient and kind. There are times when our internal team is very difficult and Steven and the entire IQ team are ever the professionals and wonderful. I wish our entire employee base had half the patience, integrity, care in their work as the IQ team does! Thank you for everything!!!
7/10/17 Thank you for assisting new team members Kathleen Bean and  Drew Smith
7/10/17 INCREDIBLY EFFICIENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7/10/17 Your customer service techs are always polite, patient and helpful!
7/10/17 The issues have been resolved. Thank you for your input!
7/7/17 Very knowledgeable
7/7/17 Always quick to respond thank you so much
7/7/17 you guys are awesome!
7/7/17 Thank you for the quick response!
7/7/17 Very responsive and efficient!
7/7/17 Quick resolution--thanks so much, Angie!
7/6/17 Stephen is the man!
7/6/17 Angie was extremely helpful, both with the QuickBooks installation and troubleshooting the Time Capsule device. Thank you!
7/6/17 As always i learn something from Tyler. I value his knowledge and insight, and trust his recommendations. He and the whole team are wonderful, and professional. Thank you for all that you do every day!!!
7/6/17 Angie reached out to me after I had given up getting this resolved- she worked through a lot of detective like steps but figured out the 3 issues causing the problem. Now I can scan to my computer wirelessly
7/6/17 Quick, careful assistance with my request to set up a secure file share. Thank you!
7/6/17 This was a more complicated ticket, but Tyler talked me through it and we think we identified the likely issues. I learned a lot from the thorough explanations of (several) possible causes of the symptoms.
7/5/17 Was very helpful in getting this resolved very quickly. Very friendly.
7/5/17 Very efficient!
7/3/17 Thorough, clear, prompt information. Thank you!
7/3/17 I've logged in and reset my password. Thank you!
6/30/17 Very quick turnaround. . . Much needed. . . Thanks so much!
6/30/17 My request received a quick, helpful reply. Thank you!
6/30/17 Great
6/30/17 Prompt, excellent service as always - thanks!
6/30/17 Demarcus is phenomenal!!! Always great to work with. Going over and beyond coming to our office after hours to get our problem fixed.
6/29/17 Fast, effective assistance. Thank you!
6/29/17 Carla says it is fine now!
6/29/17 You were super quick to respond.
6/29/17 Prompt, thorough information was provided. Thank you!
6/28/17 All of my issues got taken care of.
6/28/17 Demarcus
6/27/17 As always - EXCELLENT customer service!
6/27/17 Thanks!
6/27/17 The problem was fixed, though it took some time to know that for sure.
6/27/17 Tamika did a great job quickly figuring out my issue and resolving the matter.
6/27/17 Quick, thorough assistance. Thank you!
6/26/17 Thanks, Tamika!  Perfect service call.  You resolved issue in less than a minute, gave me an extra tidbit of info. and I was back at work again.  You rock!
6/26/17 now done
6/26/17 Demarcus Brown was patient and worked me through my issue
6/26/17 Techs are always able to resolve issue. Helpful
6/26/17 Helpful!  Thank you
6/23/17 Prompt
6/23/17 Timely response
6/23/17 Thank you!!  I would like to know what Clearlink is logging as time in and out for this service call so that I have it for my records.
6/23/17 Quick, thorough answer and explanation in response to my question. Thank you!
6/22/17 The response was quick and my problem was fixed!
6/22/17 Thanks Angie!
6/21/17 the reply was fine. but I'm frustrated sometimes by what gets caught in the filter. it can really be a hurdle for getting work done.
6/20/17 I've wanted this done for a long time, and ImageQuest nailed it quickly!
6/20/17 Quick and easy ! 🙂