Date Comment
12/11/17 Great Job, task completed.
12/11/17 Tamika service was fast and efficient.
12/11/17 Thanks for amazing customer service as always!
12/08/17 because of Josh
12/07/17 Quick solution
12/07/17 You all take such great care of us in the timeliest of manners. Thank you so much!!!!
12/07/17 Help desk is the BEST always
12/07/17 Thank you for the excellent troubleshooting and time given to fully resolve our issues today!
12/07/17 Thank you, Tameka!
12/07/17 Timely and efficient. thank you
12/06/17 Fast! Thank you.
12/06/17 Tamika is always helpful and friendly (everyone at ImageQuest is!)
12/05/17 Quick and Correct
12/04/17 Provided helpful information in response to security questions. Thank you!
12/01/17 Thanks for excellent service as always!
12/01/17 Angie helped me confirm some important information, and indicated next steps to take. Thank you!
11/30/17 Tamika was very pleasant to work with and did a wonderful job keeping me calm (here at month end) and she got the problem fixed. Tamika is my HERO, she knows what she is doing.......
11/29/17 Angie was very helpful! Was able to get my label maker up and running.
11/29/17 Thank you for quickly supplying requested information!
11/28/17 🙂
11/28/17 The issue was taken care of promptly and with courtesy. Very nice !
11/27/17 Tamika resolved the problem! Thank you.
11/27/17 Demarcus is always very helpful and is a wonderful staff member. He's always smiling and whenever I call, he knows my name. Just love him. Doris
11/27/17 DeMarcus was able to resolve my issue by helping me update my settings. He is always friendly and helpful!
11/27/17 The person assisting me, was knowledgeable and helped me with a solution that will work until new equipment is assigned with the new move. Thank you
11/27/17 Email was viewed and blocked quickly
11/27/17 Rep did good job of fixing my problem quickly. Why is there not some sort of recycle bin for folders/files that are accidently deleted? Sure would have saved everyone lots of trouble.
11/22/17 Angie provided prompt and courteous assistance. Thank you!
11/22/17 Josh was very helpful and professional.
11/22/17 It was quickly resolved.
11/21/17 Requests are completed very quickly. Thanks Angela
11/21/17 My experience was great because of Tamika.
11/21/17 Perfect Tamika, thx!!! Beth
11/21/17 As always, professional and friendly help without judgment! Thanks again!
11/20/17 We thought this was for sure gone and Stephen did an amazing job of recovering the lost documents! Thank you Stephen!
11/20/17 Josh was excellent to work with.
11/17/17 Quickly supplied the information requested. Thank you!
11/16/17 On Target!!
11/16/17 Once again Demarcus and the ImageQuest experience does not disappoint - thanks for being so awesome!
11/16/17 Great Service!!!
11/15/17 Candice got it started & I finished it up - thanks!  And thanks for following up with me, Tameka@
11/15/17 Very efficient and a very personable handling of the situation.
11/15/17 I love working with Demarcus!  He is very helpful and determined to fix the problem in a timely manner.  He works on the issue until it is resolved completely.  He is very personable and professional.
11/15/17 My experience was great because I was able to just email my issue and get it resolved quickly.
11/14/17 The problem was fixed even though it was an operator error 🙂
11/14/17 Perfect, thank you so much!
11/13/17 Thank You for your with this. You guys are great!
11/13/17 Quick reply.
11/13/17 I started at High Hopes on Monday of last week and have had to call ImageQuest a couple of times. Every person I have spoken with has been super helpful and they resolved my issues each time. I had another great experience today! Thanks for being such an awesome team!!!
11/10/17 Thanks D you are the best
11/10/17 all issues were resolved!
11/10/17 She supports with love and we couldn't ask for anything more~ Thanks Tamika, You are ImageQuest!
11/10/17 Your staff member was so sweet and nice and HELPFUL! Thank you!
11/09/17 Wonderful!
11/09/17 Great follow up
11/09/17 Quick, effective help creating a new group policy object for us to get needed web browser pushed to all computers. Thank you!
11/09/17 Quick and easy ! Thank you !
11/09/17 You probably don't hear enough how much we appreciate what you do for us. You are always helpful and usually address our issues/questions in a timely manner. All of us at High Hopes appreciate what you do to help us serve our children and families.
11/09/17 DeMarcus went above and beyond. He worked on my computer for 2 days getting to connected to the server at my work so I can work from home.
11/09/17 I received a quick response and fix to my issue. Thank you.
11/08/17 Was great
11/08/17 Service was prompt, and the representative was a delight.
11/08/17 DBrown always is a GREAT help!
11/07/17 she was great
11/07/17 She did an excellent job and made it a pleasant experience!
11/07/17 You are quick
11/07/17 Responded within minutes!
11/07/17 I could not log on because my password changed the day before. I could not remember my password and Demarcus was wonderful and got it changed right away.
11/07/17 Angie was very pleasant and cheerful and she resolved my problem quickly.
11/06/17 My helper, DeShawn (?) was amazing!
11/06/17 It only took a few mintues!
11/06/17 It is always very pleasant to work with ImageQuest employees!
11/06/17 Thanks for your help Demarcus. Go Cowboys!
11/06/17 Brad was able to help me and get my machine working again.
11/03/17 Angie helped us resolve our problem accessing MS Visio through the Intermedia portal. Our end user now has the program installed and is up and running. Thank you!
11/02/17 Loved meeting the team today - such a great customer service experience!
11/01/17 My printing issue was resolved very quickly.
11/01/17 Because of you!!! Thank you
10/31/17 You are good because of your kindness, and patience. Plus you know what you are doing!!!! (:)
10/31/17 Demarcus was very pleasant and knew what he was doing.
10/31/17 Efficient as always!
10/31/17 Tamika was amazing! Excellent and patient customer service! 🙂
10/30/17 Thank you!
10/30/17 Damarcus fixed the problem quickly and was polite and helpful, as always.
10/30/17 Damarcus was very helpful and quickly fixed the problem.
10/30/17 Fast response and resolution
10/30/17 Quick on-line assessment and willingness to dig in to find the issue. Thanks!
10/30/17 The problem was resolved and that is great in itself! Very friendly people.
10/27/17 My experience was great because the issue was resolved quickly. Not only that, but the person was an extremely friendly person.
10/27/17 DeMarcus was polite and was able to fix the issue. 🙂
10/27/17 Thank Temika.
10/27/17 Very efficient - user very happy!
10/26/17 Demarcus Brown WAS GREAT! GOT THE JOB DONE FAST
10/26/17 Quickly checked computer and confirmed OK. Thank you.
10/26/17 Many thanks? All is working well now.
10/26/17 Demarcus is beyond awesome! Every time I call he is happy to help, cheerful, patient, and kind! 🙂
10/26/17 Demarcus is always a pleasure to work with on my IT issues!
10/25/17 Always very helpfull
10/24/17 Demarcus patiently came up with a work around solution for the problem I was having. Way to go!
10/23/17 Quickly provided the necessary information. Thank you!
10/23/17 Fast!
10/23/17 DeMarcus is always cordial when helping with any connection issues.   We appreciate the entire IQ team!!
10/23/17 Quick, effective assistance. Thank you!
10/20/17 quick response
10/20/17 Very quick and easy response !
10/20/17 Thank you DeMarcus and Stephen for your help this morning !~!~
10/19/17 A BIG THANKS!!! to Stephen for staying on this call with me for over 4 hours - even through that WAY TOO LONG on hold period. I was about to hang up and start all over when the tech on the phone responded to Stephen, "What is IIS? Is that one 'I' or two?"
10/19/17 precise, rapid feedback
10/19/17 DeMarcus is awesome.
10/19/17 was addressed immediately
10/19/17 You guys are awesome as usual.  Thanks for all your help!!!
10/18/17 Thanks for helping resolve our issue so quickly!
10/17/17 Thanks, Tamika!  FYI, as it turned out, it was a legitimate email regarding a new  matter one of our members had just received, and he is waiting for a retainer to be wire transferred to our account.  Glad I asked and didn't delete it!
10/16/17 Thanks!
10/16/17 Demarcus is always great to work with. He is very prompt with helping in any way he can! I mean, come's Demarcus! Would you expect anything less.
10/13/17 Thanks Demarcus 🙂
10/13/17 The technician did everything she could possibly do even though the issue was not an Image Quest issue.
10/13/17 Because DBrown was very very helpful with my situation.
10/12/17 Tameka is always helpful in resolving issues. Thank you !
10/12/17 Thank you for responding to my call-in help desk ticket! I was trying to solve a printer installation problem in Cookeville, and while I discovered the solution very shortly after I called, I appreciated the followup.
10/11/17 Tamika took care of the issue promptly and communicated how to connect my email to my phone in a way that's easy to understand for someone that is...not awesome with tech stuff. Thanks!
10/11/17 quick response and quick triage of the problem.
10/11/17 Quick response - thank you!
10/11/17 Because I could call in report the urgent issue and then leave the computer and do other things while Tamika worked on solving the problem.
10/11/17 The person who assisted me was very kind and helpful, and knew how to solve my issue instantly! Thank you!
10/10/17 Because Stephen quickly identified and fixed the issue. Thank you!
10/9/17 I appreciated Angie's knowledgeable, thorough troubleshooting of an email issue, as she and I remoted into the end user's computer. Thank you!
10/9/17 Because Angie is amazing!!!
10/6/17 We worked through it fast!
10/6/17 Quick, easy, good communication. Thanks!
10/6/17 Tyler remoted into my computer and solved my AD problem quickly and effectively, while explaining what he was doing. Thank you!
10/5/17 thanks, i thought so.
10/5/17 It was handled very quickly and with great service
10/5/17 It was handled very quickly.
10/4/17 The issue was handled quickly and effectively. I was told that I wouldn't have this same trouble again, and I feel confidant in trusting Josh.
10/4/17 It was resolved so quickly, no issues. Thank you
10/4/17 Demarcus was very helpful as usual and resolved my computer issue. Thanks!