Thank You!!!"
Date Comment
1/15/19 Thanks for fixing the problem! 🙂
1/14/19 Perfect, thanks!!!
1/14/19 Thanks for your help!!
1/14/19 Fantastic follow-through to resolve issue. Thank you!
1/14/19 Everything was fixed and taken care of
1/14/19 Good job! Stayed with it until problem was solved.
1/11/19 Great!
1/11/19 Wonderful**Marvelous & Amazing!! Thank you so much!
1/11/19 My experience was great because of the rapid response.
1/11/19 Demarcus was very efficient
1/10/19 Darren was so helpful!! Quick and efficient
1/10/19 Fixed the problem immediately!
1/9/19 Quick response and problem resolved immediately.
1/9/19 My experience was great because Erick was able to identify the problem and fix it quickly!  Thank you!!!
1/8/19 Another success today!  Thanks!!
1/8/19 stayed with me until all my questions were answered
1/8/19 Mark was also a DELIGHT! Josh left me hanging after I had just given him rave reviews 🙂 haha! Ya'll are the best and we really appreciate your hard work and sweet customer service even though  I get impatient sometimes! Thanks for putting up with me!
 Look out DeMarcus...these boys are moving up my list.
1/8/19 Great customer service
1/8/19 Wonderful!  Thanks Damian!
1/8/19 Josh is always a delight ...he might be my new favorite. (Sorry DeMarcus)
1/8/19 Thanks!!!!
1/7/19 Thank you for the quick response -- though I figured out my password after all!
1/7/19 Quick and very courteous
1/7/19 Mr. E. Burgess put me on the right track!!!
 Thank You
1/3/19 Perfect, thanks!!
1/3/19 Problem solved quickly.  Thanks...................
1/3/19 Thank you!
1/3/19 Not only did Eric (Burgess) fix my issue, we went one step further to streamline my process moving forward! I SO LOVE having Image Quest here at the ready whenever there's an issue - not the same as the work-world I just left where everything was "rigged" or fixed by our novice tech support in-house. Thank you!
1/3/19 Everything was fixed for me really quickly! Thank you!
1/2/19 DeMarcus is always so great to
 Work with. Amazing customer service, super helpful, and always pleasant to talk to! 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
1/2/19 Once again, ImageQuest was looking out for us. Thank you!
12/31/18 Mark is very helpful
12/31/18 Request handled promptly and expertly by Damian.  Thanks!
12/31/18 agent was able to help me and remove my account from a browser.
12/31/18 We were off and I was able to quickly get this handled.
12/28/18 Thank you!  Email, VPN and everything is working fine!
12/28/18 Thanks
12/28/18 It only took Stephen about 15 seconds to determine why we couldn't log on and he fixed problem and all was good.  Meanwhile Stephen continued to investigate why the server shutdown and found out that I was the culprit.  Very glad he looked further into it and didn't just fix problem then kick back and watch the Music City Bowl Game.
12/27/18 Great customer service. Friendly and thorough.
12/26/18 Eric answers all of my questions.  Implemented needed changes quickly.  Great job!!!
12/21/18 Demarcus put my computer back on track!!!
12/20/18 Thanks, Damian
12/19/18 DeMarcus was great.
12/19/18 Thanks Damian!!
12/19/18 My experience was great because Damian was very knowledgeable, respectful and had my problem fixed in minutes.
12/19/18 Fast and thorough service. Thank you!
12/18/18 Thanks Erick - again!!!!
12/18/18 Thanks Erick & Angie for your help today!!!!!!!
12/18/18 The problem was address and fixed promptly!
12/18/18 Thanks Mark!
12/18/18 Really appreciate all your help! Thanks.
12/17/18 Quick Response - Thank you!
12/17/18 He fixed asap and I was able to get to work on  my files!  Thanks
12/14/18 Thanks Mark!!
12/13/18 thanks 🙂
12/13/18 Always good with D...
12/13/18 Despite having 3 very different technical problems today, Erick was kind and patient while helping me resolve my issues.
12/13/18 Great job Demarcus!
12/12/18 As always, DeMarcus was extremely helpful, patient and knowledgeable.
12/12/18 Prompt attention to helping me clean up our email accounts. Thank you!
12/12/18 the tech assisted in a professional manner
12/12/18 Fast
12/11/18Mark was very courteous and professional. Thank you.
12/11/18Information was provided quickly and correctly!
12/11/18Thank you, Damian!!!!
12/11/18Thanks Kim, your team is amazing
12/11/18Fast response time. Fast resolution time
12/10/18I got a response from Help Desk within a couple of hours of sending my email question.
12/10/18"Image quest ( Demarcus) repaired what I could not do.
Damion followed up with a call to make sure everything is ok.
Image Quest is on top of computer issues!!!
12/10/18Quick attention to our question, and prompt scheduling of a phone call to discuss with stakeholders. Thank you!
12/6/18It was completed very quickly
12/6/18"Damian and Eric were very responsive and able to correct my issue quickly.
Thanks, guys!"
12/4/18My experience was very good. Demarcus was able to rid my computer of malware and fix the Internet issue.
12/3/18 Agent was nice and promptly assisted to get my email up and back to working. I appreciate his time with this matter
11/30/18 Very efficient.
11/30/18 Thanks Demarcus!!
11/30/18 Quick, ongoing response to our issue. Thank you!
11/29/18 I had a problem I considered serious, but Demarcus made it go away. Couldn't be happier;
11/28/18 Easy to work with - understood my lame explanations of the issues and easily figured out what has changed and fixed it!
11/28/18 Quick and efficient response.
11/28/18 DeMarcus is wonderful. He is very polite and extremely patient. He is truly as asset for ImageQuest! He should get a raise:)
11/27/18 Darious stuck with it until we figured out how to get my email to work on the Samsung!!
11/27/18 Quick response to our question. Thank you!
11/27/18 It was fast and friendly.
11/26/18 Thank you Damian! That should save us some time!!
11/26/18 Mr. Adams is very professional and knowledgeable. I appreciate his assistance.
11/26/18 Quick, efficient steps to address our issue. Thank you!
11/26/18 Thanks for the help as always!!
11/26/18 The issue was resolved! Thanks
11/21/18 Angela was very helpful in answering my questions in layman terms!
11/21/18 Seems to be working well, thanks Erick!
11/21/18 Marvelous Stephen, thank you!!
11/21/18 Great Job Eric!!!
11/21/18 Mr. Burgess having the knowledge of what to do! Thanks!! Happy Thanksgiving to Mr. Burgess and Image Quest!!!
11/20/18 The problem was solved quickly.
11/20/18 He was quick and great!
11/19/18 Thanks Demarcus!!
11/19/18 Thank you!
11/16/18 Great Experience! Keep up the good work!!
11/16/18 Candice has been incredibly helpful!
11/16/18 Thanks Stephen! Sorry you had the problem with the server. but glad you got it resolved! Beth
11/16/18 My issue was handled properly and in a timely manner.
11/16/18 The rep (Damien, I think) fixed the issue professionally and quickly.
11/16/18 Thanks Kim & Demarcus!
11/16/18 The immediate response
11/16/18 It was quick and the person helping was friendly.
11/16/18 Thanks for the help, Erick!
11/16/18 File recovered quickly.
11/15/18 I was back up in less than 5 minutes.
11/15/18 Angie was prompt and very helpful.
11/14/18 DeMarcus is always, friendly, polite and helpful!
11/14/18 Fast, thorough assistance with an issue with our network equipment. Thank you very much!
11/14/18 The staff at ImageQuest is the best! Always very kind and helpful while solving my issues. Thank you Damien for your great customer service this morning!
11/14/18 Eric is always great to work with and takes care of any issues I have. Thanks again, Eric!
11/13/18Thx Stephen for fettibg it done stevens of day yesterday! I appreciate you!
11/13/18Image quest always fixes it quick
11/12/18Very good. Thank you Mark!
11/12/18It was fast and easy.
11/9/18quick turn around
11/9/18It worked ! Thanks
11/9/18The issue was resolved quickly and agent was polite and professional.
11/9/18Thanks Demarcus!
11/8/18"As is always the case, there was a quick response by the ImageQuest team to have the issue researched and taken care of. Thank you! Ron Cox"
11/8/18Thanks Erick! Almost Friday guys 😉
11/7/18"I knew it was something simple from the first attempt and today we got it figured out! Also, for future reference my crazy last name is McStoots. Thank you very much for all the patience and help!!"
11/7/18Erick is Awesome - as everyone else at ImageQuest!
11/7/18My experience was good because my problem was resolved during the phone call and I was not belittled for how small the problem was.
11/7/18It worked! Thanks Demarcus.
11/7/18Whoop Whoop!! Thanks Demarcus!
11/7/18Excellent, thanks Angie!!
11/7/18Quick and efficient response.
11/7/18Stephen Bratcher was great to work with. He is very knowledgeable, efficient, helpful, nice, and best of all..he fixed everything and got all of my files back within no time!
11/6/18Thanks DeMarcus
11/5/18Glad to be back up and working. ;0
11/2/18Quickly resolved our issue. Thank you!