Date Comment
7/9/18 Everything went smooth and Andrew was able to get me squared away quickly!
7/9/18 Thanks for being thorough Eric!
7/9/18 Figured out the issue immediately!
7/9/18 As always, Erick got me out of a pinch... Thanks.
7/9/18 Andrew was very helpful, and got me set up easily.
7/9/18 Angie quickly and politely took care of my issue!
7/9/18 Thanks Brad!
7/9/18 it was easy,  quick and Done.
7/6/18 Eric was awesome - attentive, listened and explained throughout process.
 He's our Hero today in Central Processing at FTE!!
 Thank you!
 Amanda Young
7/6/18 Very knowledgeable and courteous resolved issue quickly.
7/6/18 Quick follow-up assistance with one of our eFax accounts. Thank you!
7/6/18 Andrew always handles my issues quickly and is so friendly... it is a pleasure to deal with him!
7/6/18 Fast and professional.   Thanks Angie.
7/5/18 Very efficient.
7/5/18 Quickly expedited.
7/5/18 Prompt response.
7/5/18 Angela and Eric were very helpful regarding the spam email I received.
7/5/18 Quick assistance updating the user list on one of our eFax accounts. Thank you!
7/5/18 Demarcus. Demarcus made it a good experience because he is a rockstar. I seriously would like to request a satellite office here in our building and you just send him on up and he can be our personal IT guy....We might even buy him lunch every now and again.
7/3/18 Angela made it happen!
7/3/18 The issue was handled quickly with good direction and courteous.
7/3/18 Thanks Josh!
7/3/18 Because Candice jumped on it.
7/3/18 you fixed my issue
7/3/18 Thanks Eric for helping resolve our issues so quickly this morning!
7/2/18Candace called directly, thank you!
6/29/18My representative Erick was really nice to me.
6/28/18"Got it done quickly and easily! Thanks!"
6/28/18"Very quick to help. Resolved my issue. Thanks!"
6/28/18Luckily I work with people smarter than I.
6/28/18 Got it done quickly and easily! Thanks!
6/28/18 Very quick to help. Resolved my issue. Thanks!
6/28/18 Luckily I work with people smarter than I.
6/27/18 all good thanks!
6/27/18 Angela rocks
6/27/18 This fixed the issue. Thank you for the quick response!
6/27/18 The Amazing Andrew has done it again!! Thank you!!
6/27/18 Quick help and follow-through to get a new employee ready to work. Thank you!
6/25/18 Eric was great. He got our server reset and everyone's workstations connected back to the server which also fixed our phone. He got us back up and running just like you guys guarantee you will.
6/25/18 Quickly explained the issue and how to resolve it. Thank you!
6/22/18 the person was very good at what he knew.
6/22/18 Explained helpful information for us. Thank you!
6/22/18 Quick and easy help on this one
6/21/18 Timely Execution. Thank You!
6/20/18 Tech was efficient, effective and very professional.
6/20/18 My experience was great because Andrew was very nice to talk to and solved the problem, with ease. Although the computer wanted to be slow our conversion about animals will probably be the highlight of my day.
6/19/18 There you go again!
6/19/18 Friendly , pleasant conversation while waiting for the updates to load.
6/19/18 Whoop Whoop!! Thanks Brad!
6/19/18 Satisfied
6/18/18 Thanks for the quick turn.
6/15/18 always very helpful!
6/15/18 Andrew, Angie and Demarcus are always great when I call for help!
6/15/18 Candice takes awesome care of us. She is the best!!!!
6/14/18 Angela walked me through the steps and waited to confirm that everything worked properly. Thank you!
6/14/18 My experience was great because Andrew is a champion.
6/14/18 Thanks D for the help as always
6/14/18 People
6/13/18 Kim LaGrone provided excellent customer service by negotiating a much better contract for WC...and we even saved a little money each month! Thanks Kim! Also, Brad tweaked a few things and was able to make our upload and download speeds much faster than they had been. Thanks Brad!!
6/13/18 Thank you so much Demarcus, you were a life saver today by fixing my snafoo!
6/13/18 the issue was resolved very quickly!!
6/13/18 It was quick and exactly what I asked for!
6/13/18 Excellent Brad! *Thank you*
6/12/18 Andrew Shannon was amazingly knowledgeable and worked through an intensive process to first of all figure out what the issue was, and then taking the many steps to properly fix the problem. He was friendly during the process and offered for me to call him back if I had any other issues. Another great experience from the ImageQuest team!
6/12/18 candice takes awesome care of us. She is the best!!!!
6/12/18 Angie was very helpful and great to talk to and work with.
6/12/18 Great - Andrew is always very helpful!!
6/11/18 Thanks!
6/11/18 great
6/11/18 response time was great!
6/11/18 Stephen was so patient working with my new mac and setting it up!! Always wanted to ensure I knew how to work it with the new firm network. Thank you so much!!
6/11/18 Great!! very helpful
6/8/18 Thanks!
6/8/18 great
6/8/18 response time was great!
6/8/18 Stephen was so patient working with my new mac and setting it up!! Always wanted to ensure I knew how to work it with the new firm network. Thank you so much!!
6/8/18 Great!! very helpful
6/8/18 very fast thank you
6/8/18 Go Brad! Your're on a roll!
6/8/18 Thanks for your patience Angie! I appreciate you**
6/8/18 Brad's bad to the bone! Thanks!
6/8/18 Stephen is always prompt with our requests!
6/8/18 Helpful, friendly, fast and easy. Anthony was great...I think it was Anthony
6/8/18 He worked on it until he found a resolution and was very knowledgable and knew exactly the steps he wanted to take to troubleshoot and resolve.
6/8/18 Demarcus always finds a solution to the problem at hand!
6/8/18 DeMarcus was quick and helpful. Thanks Big D
6/7/18As Always DeMarcus took care of me 🙂
6/7/18Our telephone conversation was disconnected, but the service representative quickly picked up with electronic chat, which worked out great. As I was still working with the representative, via chat, to establish the VPN connection, a different representative returned my call to follow-up. Thank you for valuing customer service.
6/6/18immediate response and was able to remote in within 2 minutes of the conversation to advise what to do
6/6/18You were quick, kind, and helped me understand everything. Thanks!
6/5/18Thank you Brad!
6/5/18always good experience
6/5/18You're the BEST!!
6/5/18Thanks Brad! It's perfect! I didn't realize it would be in the global list instead of the TnIndstrlEquip list.
6/4/18DeMarcus is always very patient with us. Thanks!!
6/4/18Thanks for getting everything set up!
6/4/18Prompt and helpful service.
6/4/18Thanks for getting this working for CRB!
6/4/18Love how fast it's processed
6/4/18Thank you for following through on the ongoing issue we have been having. We are so excited that it is fully corrected!!!!
6/4/18Quick, efficient assistance with a valuable service. Thank you!
6/4/18Thanks Brad!
6/2/18Fixed in no time at all. Great job Andrew!!
6/1/18Thank you for the quick turnaround Andrew!!
6/1/18Demarcus was very helpful as usual. I appreciate it!
6/1/18Stephen is amazing!
5/31/18Demarcus was so polite and helpful (as usual) and resolved my issue quickly. Thanks Demarcus!!
5/30/18 Demarcus is always quick to respond and gets the job done in a timely manner.  Very polite and friendly, one of my favorite people to work with at Image Quest.
5/30/18 Andrew did a phenomenal job getting my computer speed back! He was wonderful!
5/30/18 Quick response to our request, which itself was based on good advice from ImageQuest. Thank you!
5/30/18 Thank you so much for the EXCELLENT customer service!
5/30/18 Angie and Demarcus were extremely patient and helpful with the Quarantine.  Thank you so very much!!
5/30/18 My experience was great and my problem was solved very quickly.
5/29/18 Perfect
5/29/18 Very timely, Thank you Brad!!
5/29/18 Demarcus did a great job as usual.  I got the file unzipped.  What more could I ask.
5/25/18 My issue was resolved quickly in a helpful manner.
5/25/18 issue resolved - professional interaction.
5/24/18 I finally got an answer.....
5/24/18 Demarcus is awesome!!  Fixed my email issue quickly.
5/24/18 Thanks to Andrew at ImageQuest, he was able to resolve the issue with my second monitor. I appreciate all his help!
5/24/18 Andrew was friendly and capable.
5/24/18 I have sent you a bunch of requests in that last few days and they have been taken care of promptly.  Y'all are the best!!
5/23/18 Thanks Kim !!
5/23/18 Thank you Angie for coming through for me yet again!  🙂
5/23/18 Andrew helped me get my computer going again. And he was fun to chat with on the phone while we waited for the computer to reboot.
5/23/18 Amazing Andrew did it again!  Thanks!
5/23/18 Angie, you are the best!
5/23/18 always a great experience
5/22/18 Thanks Andrew!
5/22/18 Quick and friendly
5/22/18 Andrew was extremely friendly and helpful as always.
5/22/18 You guys did not stop until it was resolved!!