Date Comment
10/16/17 Thanks!
10/16/17 Demarcus is always great to work with. He is very prompt with helping in any way he can! I mean, come's Demarcus! Would you expect anything less.
10/13/17 Thanks Demarcus 🙂
10/13/17 The technician did everything she could possibly do even though the issue was not an Image Quest issue.
10/13/17 Because DBrown was very very helpful with my situation.
10/12/17 Tameka is always helpful in resolving issues. Thank you !
10/12/17 Thank you for responding to my call-in help desk ticket! I was trying to solve a printer installation problem in Cookeville, and while I discovered the solution very shortly after I called, I appreciated the followup.
10/11/17 Tamika took care of the issue promptly and communicated how to connect my email to my phone in a way that's easy to understand for someone that is...not awesome with tech stuff. Thanks!
10/11/17 quick response and quick triage of the problem.
10/11/17 Quick response - thank you!
10/11/17 Because I could call in report the urgent issue and then leave the computer and do other things while Tamika worked on solving the problem.
10/11/17 The person who assisted me was very kind and helpful, and knew how to solve my issue instantly! Thank you!
10/10/17 Because Stephen quickly identified and fixed the issue. Thank you!
10/9/17 I appreciated Angie's knowledgeable, thorough troubleshooting of an email issue, as she and I remoted into the end user's computer. Thank you!
10/9/17 Because Angie is amazing!!!
10/6/17 We worked through it fast!
10/6/17 Quick, easy, good communication. Thanks!
10/6/17 Tyler remoted into my computer and solved my AD problem quickly and effectively, while explaining what he was doing. Thank you!
10/5/17 thanks, i thought so.
10/5/17 It was handled very quickly and with great service
10/5/17 It was handled very quickly.
10/4/17 The issue was handled quickly and effectively. I was told that I wouldn't have this same trouble again, and I feel confidant in trusting Josh.
10/4/17 It was resolved so quickly, no issues. Thank you
10/4/17 Demarcus was very helpful as usual and resolved my computer issue. Thanks!
10/3/17 Customer just emailed me that she is able to get in our encrypted mail. Thank you!
10/2/17 As always you stay with me until the problem is solved. Many thanks
10/2/17 DeMarcus was very professional and kept me informed of what he was doing.
9/29/17 of the representative who helped me.
9/29/17 As always, IQ was helpful and followed up!  Thanks!
9/29/17 Solution to a small but annoying problem that could impact our service to end users. Thank you for your help with this!
9/29/17 Excellent help identifying a solution to a particular issue within our bigger-picture changes. Thank you!
9/29/17 Angie was very helpful (and quick) in resolving my computer issue.
9/29/17 Learned something new today! Thanks! 😉
9/28/17 Many thanks!
9/28/17 Fast response and exactly what I needed.  Thanks.
9/28/17 we love Demarcus
9/27/17 Your customer service has been great since coming on board with Foundation Title.  Thank you all so much!!
9/27/17 Angie was our service representative today. She was very professional, friendly, and quick! We greatly appreciate Image Quest and my office has not been disappointed once.  Damarcus has also helped me many times and he's another great asset to your team. Good job guys!
9/27/17 Very friendly with fast response, a winning combination every time!
9/27/17 The answer was easy to understand. I do wish Tyler would have taken a second to look at my name and spell it correctly, but that's a common thing us Brittney's face.
9/26/17 Excellent
9/25/17 I greatly appreciate the investigation and diagnosis provided to figure out this problem. Thank you!
9/25/17 Tamika was very helpful quick and efficient
9/25/17 Always Great!
9/22/17 Damarcus and the entire team are extremely helpful, always!!  Thank you for great service!
9/20/17 Demarcus is always very helpful - thanks!
9/20/17 it works
 thank you
9/19/17 Demarcus is AWESOME!
9/19/17 Always impressed with Steven's knowledge and customer service skills.
9/19/17 you solved my problem
9/19/17 Technician was very sweet and courteous and prompt.
9/19/17 Fixed me up just fine.....
9/18/17 Angela was great to work with and patient with an issue that took a while to resolve. Thanks so much for the help.
9/18/17 Thanks for taking care of this!
9/18/17 The professionalism and technical expertise of Tyler is unparalleled.
9/18/17 I've said this before, but Tamika is absofreakinglutely awesome! 🙂 She's so patient with all our silly needs.
9/15/17 Always fast help from Tameka & Demarcus.             🙂
9/15/17 Angela was professional and timely. Went above and beyond to fix an issue without hesitation.
9/14/17 Time and time again DeMarcus is like the best person at your office! He and Tamika are the and I think they deserve a pizza party! 🙂 Throw them one.
9/13/17 Steven did a great job helping me resolve my issue.  Thanks Steven!
9/13/17 Easy staff to work with
9/13/17 Thank you to everyone who helped get the website issue resolved quickly.
 High Hopes appreciates all you do to keep us up and going 🙂
9/13/17 DeMarcus always kills it. Ya'll should give the man a raise or some doughnuts or something. For real. 🙂
9/13/17 Very knowledgeable guy and got the problem solved quickly!
9/13/17 Speedy reply!
9/12/17 Fast
9/12/17 So Quick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9/11/17 Stephen is always available to help and provides timely solutions. Thanks as always
9/11/17 I was helped very quickly and the person I worked with was very nice and helpful!
9/11/17 Quickly found folder I was looking for and not only copied it for me, but taught me how to do it as well! Thanks! Ruth
9/11/17 completed same day 🙂
9/11/17 Quick response.
9/11/17 prompt and helpful
9/11/17 My headset now works! Yay!
9/11/17 Angie showed patience with me, and carefully walked me through troubleshooting.
9/11/17 Demarcus Brown and the entire team continues to provide great service when we call or email and their service is greatly appreciated!!! Thank you, Sandy McLean
9/6/17 Very thorough and users are very happy!
9/6/17 Thanks, Stephen - mission accomplished!
9/6/17 Service was so quick and the agent was very nice
9/6/17 My experience was great because the tech that assisted me this morning was very polite and helpful with my situation. He also went above and beyond to fix the issues and to put things in place to better assist me with my computer issues. Thank you sir
9/6/17 Response was immediate and resolution was in a matter of minutes.  Thank you.
9/5/17 because it was completed sooo fast. Thank you
9/1/17 Thanks!   All is good!  And I haven't messed it up yet!
9/1/17 Quick fix
9/1/17 Thank you
8/30/17 Handled the issue perfectly even though I was not available for them to call me.
8/30/17 Mr. DeMarcus was very knowledgeable, professional and courteous.  I appreciate his assistance.
 Thank you.
8/28/17 I greatly appreciate Tyler's time and thoroughness helping me figure out this issue. Thank you!
8/28/17 Thank you !
8/28/17 Excellent help with a persistent, disruptive problem. Appreciate the thorough information provided. Thank you!
8/25/17 Fast and accurate - with a smile!
8/25/17 Tamicka is awesome! She's efficient and friendly and always a pleasure to work with.
8/25/17 I received excellent service with an extremely knowledgeable individual. Problem was resolved. Thanks Paul.
8/25/17 Thank you for not making me feel stupid because I could not remember my password!!!!
8/25/17 Thanks Josh!
8/24/17 Quick, thorough problem resolution. Thank you!
8/24/17 Tamika was quick, efficient, and knowledgeable...that is all I could ask for! Thank you
8/24/17 Quickly resolved a problem to help me organize some of our systems information. Also helpfully explained some functionality. Thank you!
8/23/17 Tamika to the rescue again! Thankful that she is so efficient and was able to run the scans/scrub to make sure I don't have any further issues. She even told me that I could go grab a coffee and put her on hold so I didn't need to sit holding the phone while she did her job. Payroll processing days can be a stress in itself, and she certainly calmed my nerves with her confidence that nobody was getting in my "paypal account" and stealing money. Have a great day! 🙂 April
8/22/17 Service was prompt and positive. Thanks!!
8/22/17 Demarcus was patient and thorough! Fixed it quickly!!
8/22/17 Excellent and quick assistance setting up a shared mailbox/calendar for one of our branches. This will be very helpful for them. Thank you!
8/21/17 Solved the problem quickly. Thanks.....
8/21/17 I received helpful information and suggestions. Thank you!
8/21/17 Quick response and it's fixed! Great job!
8/21/17 Immediately resolved my issue! Thank you!
8/18/17 Orderly, step-by-step equipment replacement at our Huntsville branch. Thank you!
8/17/17 It was quick and on time with what I needed! Thanks!!!!
8/17/17 quick and knowledgable
8/16/17 Thanks Demarcus, I feel better about this laptop now!
8/16/17 Steven was very patient with me and explained it well. Thank you!
8/16/17 My experience has always been great with Image Quest and was today as well!
8/14/17 Problem was effectively and efficiently handled. I was VERY IMPRESSED that DeMarcus followed up with me on Monday morning to ensure that user had gained access to email account!
8/14/17 Demarcus is the best! He tries absolutely everything and is so patient. I appreciate all of his help.
8/14/17 Ken with RJ Young said Thank you
8/14/17 Thank you 🙂 Fast response
8/14/17 The service rep was A+ in all respects. Very friendly, courteous and professional. Thanks.
8/11/17 Always responsive
8/11/17 Tamika Polk an the entire staff are extremely professional and always prompt to assist me with my technical needs. Thank you!!!
8/11/17 This is a huge help for our warehouse staff, especially for the night crew. Thank you for you help fixing their problem with the shipping application!
8/11/17 Friendly fast and fixed.
8/11/17 My issue was resolved within just a few minutes.
8/10/17 I like working with you guys. I like the prompt service and friendly workers.
8/10/17 this was a duplicate user
8/10/17 DeMarcus is absolutely wonderful as usual!!!
8/10/17 Thanks Tamika!
8/9/17 Tameka is always helpful!
8/9/17 Mr. Brown got my email back up and running.
8/9/17 Efficient resolution
8/9/17 The lady was the greatest to work with
8/9/17 My IT Support Professional was very friendly, knowledgeable, quick, and efficient. But most of all, my problem was easily and quickly resolved!
8/8/17 Demarcus is awesome! He's been my Image Quest "go-to-guy" since I began working for Premier. He's always friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. Thanks for providing great service Demarcus! Until next time...
8/7/17 🙂 🙂 🙂 Got Connected!!!!
8/7/17 My experience was great because Angie helped me!
8/7/17 Ability to reach a technician quickly, and quick results.
8/4/17 I appreciate the great help and clear information regarding setup of an eFax account. Thank you!