Date Comment
5/24/18 I finally got an answer.....
5/24/18 Demarcus is awesome!!  Fixed my email issue quickly.
5/24/18 Thanks to Andrew at ImageQuest, he was able to resolve the issue with my second monitor. I appreciate all his help!
5/24/18 Andrew was friendly and capable.
5/24/18 I have sent you a bunch of requests in that last few days and they have been taken care of promptly.  Y'all are the best!!
5/23/18 Thanks Kim !!
5/23/18 Thank you Angie for coming through for me yet again!  🙂
5/23/18 Andrew helped me get my computer going again. And he was fun to chat with on the phone while we waited for the computer to reboot.
5/23/18 Amazing Andrew did it again!  Thanks!
5/23/18 Angie, you are the best!
5/23/18 always a great experience
5/22/18 Thanks Andrew!
5/22/18 Quick and friendly
5/22/18 Andrew was extremely friendly and helpful as always.
5/22/18 You guys did not stop until it was resolved!!
5/21/18 Steven was a very friendly and knowledgeable representative.
5/21/18 I don't want to change the rating, but I do want to say that Chris had to leave a message earlier for someone to call him back.  I want to say about 1.5 hrs. passed and he had not received a call back so I asked him to call the help desk again.  Should I be concerned about how long it would have been before Chris would have received a call back had he not made a second call to the help desk???
5/21/18 Good job guys.  This was difficult to coordinate and I am glad it gone done in the timeframe it did.
5/21/18 Andrew helped me again but there was not much to do on this one.  He did a great job.
5/21/18 Andrew did a great job getting us up and running within about 20 minutes and even did some follow up tests to make sure everything was working that we were not considering in the midst of the problem.
 Great work as always.
5/21/18 Great job
5/18/18 Smooth sailing!
5/18/18 Thank you!
5/17/18 Knowledgeable IT rep assisted quickly to resolve my issue over the phone.
5/17/18 fixed it fast!!
5/17/18 As always, my experience was great. Thank you for letting me know that the email I received was not legitimate.
5/16/18 My experience was great because the person who assisted me was extremely helpful, patient and resolved my issue in a timely manner.
5/16/18 Thank you for being patient!
5/16/18 Good communication.  Open to timing the project to meet our request.  Executed the process as stated.  Thank you.
5/16/18 fixed 🙂
5/16/18 DeMarcus is the best!!
5/15/18 Thank you for taking care of this quickly.
5/14/18 Working great, thank you for getting it setup so quickly Tamika!!
5/14/18 Stephen did exactly what was requested!  Thank you!
5/14/18 The Amazing Andrew has done it again !!
5/14/18 always great  they always help me
5/11/18 FAST!
5/11/18 nice
5/11/18 The gentlemen who assisted me was extremely polite, helpful and even explained how I might prevent the issue from happening in the future and save myself the trouble/inconvenience. But still of course advised to call if needed.
5/10/18 Thanks Tamika for fixing these laptops!!
5/10/18 Stephen provided exactly what was requested, thank you!!
5/10/18 Andrew knew exactly what to do!! Thank you!!!
5/10/18 Andrew had a great personality, and was very helpful getting everything corrected.
5/10/18 Andrew was able to get the archives moved over for us in a timely manner.
5/10/18 Ms Polk always a great job!
5/10/18 Problem solved
5/10/18 Tameka is always helpful. So is Damarkus.
5/9/18 Quick response to provide advice and add some file types to our file attachment filter. Thank you!
5/9/18 Very speedy resolution.
5/9/18 Easy to work with and was able to help wit both my issues!
5/8/18 My computer was put on track. Thanks to D.
5/8/18 Thanks so much!
5/8/18 Very quick response and resolution!
5/8/18 Wait time to reach a representative was reasonable. Angie was personable and efficient. Very Satisfied with experience.
5/8/18 It was resolved within an hour which makes our customers value our product and your services too.
5/7/18 AShannon was great!!!!
5/7/18 YOU GUYS ARE GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!
5/4/18 Always super nice and able to solve the problem! Thank you so much!
5/3/18 Thank you Demarcus - it's always great to work with you and we really appreciate your help today!
5/3/18 Image Quest DBrown fix my server!!!
5/3/18 My request was completed quickly and accurately. Much appreciated!
5/3/18 He was pleasant, quick, and effective.
5/3/18 Friendly and quick fix. Thanks
5/2/18 DBrown is patient and knowledgeable. Thanks for helping me with this computer today, yesterday, and Monday!!!
5/2/18 Tamika was great, very helpful.
5/2/18 DeMarcus is AWESOME!!! Always great to work with him, he gets the job done.
5/2/18 Fast response in the AM, friendly service. Good stuff.
5/2/18 Great followup, information, and recommendations. Thank you!
5/1/18 it was resolved quickly!
5/1/18 Issue resolved - Andrew was very professional and accommodating.
5/1/18 Andrew was able to help me quickly
5/1/18 they helped and figured the problem out and I have this problem since we got this computer thank you so much
4/30/18 Tech was polite and successfully resolved the issue.
4/30/18 Tameka is AWESOME AND FAST. So is Damacus . 🙂
4/30/18 Stephen always provides excellent service to both internal and external customers
4/27/18 you quickly walked me through what I needed and knew what the issue was immediately and sent me the info to correct the problem!!!  YAY!
4/27/18 Tamika is awesome!!
4/27/18 Very quick response time. Thank you!!
4/27/18 Very quick!
4/27/18 ImageQuest was available and ready to remote into an end user's computer when we were unable to do so ourselves. Thank you!
4/27/18 Andrew was VERY HELPFUL!! He stayed with me until the end result of positive.  GREAT GUY!!!
4/27/18 TPolk is always very knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with. 🙂
4/27/18 Thanks for your help and follow up response!
4/27/18 Quick response to an email scam attempt. Thank you!
4/27/18 Very friendly and fast resolution!
4/26/18 quick and easy
4/26/18 Tamika is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!
4/25/18 updated successfully
4/25/18 Thanks for all the help today!
4/24/18 The IT expert assisted me in resolving the issue when I turn on my computer. As always, I appreciate the quick response.
4/24/18 Andrew was very helpful and polite!
4/24/18 Tech was polite and friendly and issue was resolved very quick !
4/23/18 Tamika is always so great!!!
4/23/18 Immediate assistance and problem taken care of by Image Quest. Thank you
4/23/18 Andrew was diligent in helping me! 🙂
4/23/18 Problem resolved in a very timely manner.
4/20/18 Angie spent a good portion of her day working on this project. I really appreciate her help in fixing this issue. She's great to work with.
4/19/18 Tomika was friendly, helpful, and a life-saver! She solved all of my laptop problems in one quick call! She’s a joy to work with.
4/19/18 Thanks Andrew & Angie!!
4/19/18 Angela was great as always!!!!
4/19/18 I'm always impressed with Stephen's work!
4/19/18 Tamika and Stephen - you are our hero today - fly those capes and thanks!
4/19/18 Andrew was fantastic!
4/19/18 Understood exactly what the issue was and how to fix my goof up!
4/18/18 Thank you Tamika!!
4/18/18 wonderful
4/18/18 Restored a mailbox for us very quickly - thank you!
4/17/18 Excellent
4/17/18 Stephen was helpful and considerate.
4/16/18 Got my connection to my printer fixed!
4/16/18 Andrew, worked through my strange issue all the way till the end. Thank you, Andrew!
4/16/18 The person on the phone was very helpful and patient.
4/16/18 Andrew and Demetrius were both very helpful. Good job guys!
4/16/18 Tamika is always so helpful and patient! 🙂
4/14/18 I didn't have to do much of anything! The problem was discovered towards the end of the workday and it was handled very quickly. Now I can work when I return on Monday!
4/13/18 Andrew was amazing....very impressed with his ability to quickly understand and navigate me through resolving my issue. Everything is working fine and it was a very pleasant, friendly and professional experience as always! I love our Studio Bank partnership with ImageQuest! Thank you, Ron
4/13/18 The work was completed quickly and did not require any involvement from me at all!
4/13/18 ImageQuest looked out for our branch during a brief power outage to make sure everything went smoothly. Thank you!
4/13/18 Andrew was fast and went above and beyond.
4/12/18 Quickly gave end user access to a network resource. Thank you!
4/12/18 My experience was great because of the knowledge of the Tech Andrew.
Thanks Andrew!
4/12/18 Demarcus is always very helpful, !!
4/11/18 My computer monitor issue was resolved very quickly!
4/11/18 Thank you, Andrew!!
4/11/18 Tamika is amazingly brilliant!! Thank you!
4/11/18 thank you for the speedy help!
4/10/18 Thanks. More space is always good...
4/10/18 Clear, thorough instructions and follow-through to make sure the solution worked. Thank you!
4/10/18 Quick response
4/9/18 Thank you for quickly helping our new IT support person get on board!
4/9/18 Great customer service! Determined to fix the problem.
4/9/18 of the quick help on the weekend.
4/7/18 Thank you for quickly taking of my problem, It is a very critical time for me and repair was such a necessity.
4/6/18 Very efficient
4/6/18 Very quick attention to my request. Thank you!
4/6/18 Angie helped me regain access to the Intermedia portal after my ability to log in was broken. Thank you!
4/6/18 Thanks Kim & Angie! Lots of great useful info. Happy Friday IQ!