Get to Know Us with IT Testimonials from Clients of ImageQuest

Are you looking for an IT company in the Nashville area that offers more than simple network solutions? Do you also need experienced professionals who specialize in cybersecurity and industry-specific compliance? Here, you’ll find IT testimonials from our clients that speak for themselves.


Look no further than ImageQuest. See what our clients have to say about the level of service they receive from us, and then book a consultation today.


“(Milton) is extremely good at data security and regulations. He does not have to Google the answers when we have regulatory FFIEC direct questions.”


Larry Dorris

Retired Chief Operating Officer, Studio Bank

“We would highly recommend ImageQuest to our business partners in the community. They made the (HIPAA Risk Assessment) process not only easy but highly productive for us.”


Paul Robinson

President & CEO, Home of the Innocents

“They take care of things, they’re there when we need them, and they’re very prompt and responsive.”


Dr. Joseph C. Banis

Joseph Banis M.D. Plastic Surgery and Medical Skin Care

“They take into consideration not only where we have been and what we are used to but where we going and how to help us get there. I have nothing but wonderful things to say.”


Dena Gibson

Executive Director, Rocky McElhaney Law Firm

“I would suggest them to any entrepreneurial venture because as you scale, you need really good technology partners. ImageQuest is the best we’ve found.”


Emmet Seibels

President, Verustat

“When we brought ImageQuest in, one of the things we talked about was getting some efficiencies, and some cost savings. They’ve certainly done that. They’ve helped us out with budgeting, they’ve negotiated some contracts for us. They’ve done a great job of helping us realize those efficiencies and cost savings.”


Jason Squires

Chief Operating Officer, Cedar Lake

“Working with ImageQuest has given us more efficient and effective practices. Our therapists – every 45 minutes they’re treating a new child. There’s a note to be written in our systems about that treatment session, including information for insurance billing. It’s happening throughout the day. If we’re down, it’s hurting us. But we’re not down. Therefore our therapists can see more children.”


Gail Powell

Executive Director, High Hopes Development Center

“We are big fans of ImageQuest and the terrific support provided to us. The team at ImageQuest has made our staff feel like part of their family. They are incredibly patient and helpful, especially when we call the help desk and aren’t sure how to explain things in “tech speak.”


Dr. Ed Smith

President, Williamson College

“ImageQuest delivered. Talk to them about your challenges, listen to their recommendations, and let them show what they can do for you.”


Tom Richardson

Director of Information Technology, Houchens Insurance Group

“Milton and his team have just been great to work with. We now have no fears in facing potential compliance audits because we know we have a comprehensive approach, courtesy of ImageQuest.”


Vicki L. Scruggs

Chief Operating Officer at Spencer Fane Nashville

Our 90% Client Retention Rate is Reflected in our Client Experience

We are always happy to talk to brand-new clients—to learn about their specific IT, security, and compliance needs. What makes us even happier is the chance to partner with that client for years into the future to continue improving every aspect of their IT experience. What does your business need right now? And where would you like technology to take it? Let’s talk about your definitions of efficiency, security, and success.

Experience the ImageQuest Difference for Yourself

You’ve read and watched IT testimonials from clients of ImageQuest, and maybe you’re curious about what we could do for your Nashville-area business.


If you want to experience all the great things our IT testimonials from clients include, get started by contacting us. We’ll book a consultation with you to learn about your company, everything it does, what makes it unique, and what services would be best suited to make your operations more efficient, reliable, and secure.

If you’re in any of the following industries, ImageQuest has the Managed IT, Cloud Services, Cybersecurity, and Compliance you need to get ahead and stay there.

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