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Our typical clients operate in regulated industries such as Legal, Healthcare, Financial Services, Wealth Management, or Mortgage and Title.

However, due to too many large data breaches, service providers with regulated clients increasingly face regulatory audits as well.

If you are a downstream vendor and you have access to a regulated client’s data, you fall under the same regulations as your client. You need to ensure your technology, including your policies, practices, and documentation, meets regulatory requirements. Regulators are stepping up their IT scrutiny to include the downstream service providers.

If this is you, don’t wait until the audit notification arrives. Be ready. Be prepared.

Be IT compliant.

If That’s Not You…

We also serve clients who:

Have outgrown their current IT provider’s capabilities

Are adding locations and employees, and need expert help with technology

Want to focus on their business, and not think about their technology

Need better reliability and security for their computer network

Need to be certain their data is always backed up and recoverable, period.

Have employees who work remotely and need to be secure and compliant.

Can quantify computer downtime costs and are interested in the bottom line.

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Has reading the above sparked a thought about an organization you know? An executive who may need our help?

We have a referral program that will pay you, or the charity of your choice, for pointing us in their direction.

You can learn more about it here!

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